Tooniez Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Needed To Know!

Did you know that variety of Tooniez Casts has been with Malicke, the show’s creators, from 2008 to date? If you were not knowledgeable, now you are. Rodney has been one of Mal’s imaginary friends ever since he was seven years. He then created Milk Shake in Middle school and followed Roxanna, who he created in his Sophomore year as a high school student.

Tooniez Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

There is a release date, and come 23rd October 2023, we will have an animation and musical series to binge on. Babo Studio, the show’s production company, is yet to announce when filming starts and how many episodes the musical series will have. Still, as long as we know that the filming location will be Albany, New York, and the USA, we are sure that filming will start in due time.

As long as things go as scheduled, then the show might even be here with us way earlier before e the release date, but since the show’s creator was called on for more crew to join the already existing one, there are high chances that filming is yet to begin. Malicke has always been fascinated by how series are made since he watched the Documentary of Graig McCracken making the Powerpuff Girls animation. With his project in line to be released in 2023, this might be a dream fulfilled. 

Tooniez Season 1 Cast: Who will appear?


Malicke Ellis, the 21-year-old African American, will be starring as the show’s creator and producer. He writes alongside Kayla Cat, Joshua Croyle, Jack Pettet, and Ian Stanford. The animation department consists of talented artists like Munaum Bilal, Jordan O’Hagan, Dominic Sorbara, and Vushu Wang. Steven Etienne, famous for playing the Canary casts as Rodney Racoon, Sabine Gousse, the professional voice artist who has done a lot of gigs like voicing for Uber and Sprite, will be cast as Roxanne Racon. Other stars include Ozzy Carter as Kozzy and Stephan Weight as Gizmo. Malicke called for additional casts, and any information about the new addition will be updated later.

Tooniez Season 1 Plot: What can we expect?

Not much is there about the upcoming show, but we will have to do with the available details as we wait for a storyline. The animation follows the story of seven ex cartoons characters from different generations who try to live everyday life in Los Angles. Since the trio has lived a famous life, there are many turns that the series could take. We could see flashbacks of when they were famous, scenes of how life is now that they are past the glory days and what they wish they could have done differently. We could also get the full detail of the seven characters expressing how it felt being in the spotlight and what they miss about it. The show’s creator will confirm these details once the time is due. 

Tooniez Season 1 Trailer: When will it be out?

Tooniez trailer is yet to be released, and since the showrunner and the official Channel have not yet approved when it will be out, the best we can do is wait. However, as we wait, you can check out some famous animations like Toy Story, Spiderman Incredibles, and Encanto.

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