Treason Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Information That You Want To Know!

One exciting thing about December is that it is the only month you can unwind and throw your worries to the wind without working yourself over missed deadlines and workloads. This is the time to bring out your warm blankets and socialize with family as you go through your favorite holiday specials list. Treason, the intriguing upcoming Netflix thriller, is one of the shows here to make your holidays memorable. What’s more exciting about the thriller show is that it will be starring one of the favorite casts from the Daredevil shows, and trust me, you do not want to miss out on the masterpiece. With only days to the series release, here is everything we know about the upcoming show.

Treason Season 1 Release Date: When will it air?

Fortunately enough, Netflix has revealed that the series will be gracing our screens before the year ends, and if this does not excite you, then the casting or the plot will likely continue. Netflix announced on their Twitter account that this time round, they would make your boxing day memorable with the five-part limited series. The upcoming show will be released simultaneously, and considering that it is a limited series, there is a low chance that there will be a second season. Since we have yet to determine whether the upcoming show will be available for free subscribers, you may want to get your Netflix subscription as low as $6.99.

Treason Season 1 Plot: What will happen?

According to the logline released by Netflix, the upcoming show revolves around Charlies Cox, who plays Adam Lawrence, the M16 agent with a troubled past. Those who do not know him figure him as somebody with his priorities and life together, but this is far from the truth. It only takes one person, Kara, who is now forced to realign himself and protect the relationships he has built over the years. The upcoming series will be too good to miss with its ruthless love triangle, political flare-ups, deadly threats, and prevalent trust issues.

 Treason Season 1 Cast: Who will be appearing?

The series is repped by well-rounded stars, including the Daredevil blind lawyer cast Charlie Cox, Oona Chaplin, and Olga Kurylenko. Cox has been in the entertainment industry for some time and has featured in other shows, including Spider-man and No Way Home. On the other hand, Chaplin has featured in series including Taboo and Games of Thrones. Kurylenko in Oblivion, Quantum of Solace, Mara, and Black Widow. The series creative team includes Matt Charman as the series writer and Louise Hopper and Sarah O’Gorman as the series directors. Charman has worked in a couple of other series, including Suite Franchise, AND Hopper has worked in other Netflix, including The Witcher and The Sandman.

Treason Season 1 Trailer: When can we expect?

Fortunately, a trailer for the upcoming series has already been released, and you can check it out on either YouTube or Netflix. The series starts with a dramatic yet suspenseful note and pulls you in to want to know more about the series’ future. A young father with little too expertise takes a big position and just a little spotlight, and his life is ready to crumble on his feet. You can check out the series trailer as you mark your calendars for the 26th of December.

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