Netflix Limited Series Lost Ollie: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Important Details!

Amazing books are well-written books irrespective of the age group it addresses. Lovers of fan fiction book stories are in for a treat after the news of the production of Lost Ollie being made official. Created by Shannon Tindle, Lost Ollie is an American Animated Action series that will soon be streaming on Netflix. The series is based on the kids’ stories ”Ollies Odyssey “written by  William Joyce, the author of the best-selling series ”Santa Calls.” Winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film (The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mrs. Lessmore), Joyce has been nominated and won many awards, being one of the best kids’ books authors. The limited four-episode series will be directed and produced by Peter Ramsey. 

Lost Ollie Release Date: When will it be out?


Production and post-production is an extensive project that requires lots of time. A specific release date for Lost Ollie has not been communicated, but fans know the series will be released in early 2022 as filming starts On 1st February 2021.

“The Mandolorian” visual effects  Creator (Industrial Light & Magic) will also be responsible for the visual effects in this series. The series will be streaming on Netflix. After the entertainment industry received a huge blow from the covid pandemic, it is evident that 2022 is about to be a good year. Fingers crossed!

Lost Ollie Storyline: What will happen in the series?

In case you are familiar with the book, It comes as no surprise if you know the plot for the whole story. If you don’t, I got you. The story is basically about a boy and his toy. Billy has a lot of toys, but the most cherished one in his collection is the stuffed rabbit. The Rabbit, Oswald(Oz) being the favorite, gets to go everywhere billy goes.

With privileges also come dangers. Rivalry grows between Zozo and Oz; the least liked versus the most liked. Seeing Oz reminds Zozo that he is the toy that did not get chosen at the amusement park. The rejection gets so much in Zozo’s head that he makes it his obsession to punish all the toys considered favorites. Zozo sees a chance and acts on it when Oz is left under the table at a wedding. Oz has adventure and hero duties when he realizes he is not the only “lost” toy Zozo and his gang hold hostage. He has to save himself and the other hostages.

Lost Ollie Cast: Who will appear?

The characters being featured in this movie are a clear indication that it will be one of the most successful animations Netflix has ever streamed. Jonathan Groff (The Matrix 4), famous for his roles in “Frozen,” will play Ollie. Nominated for the Oscar, Mary Bilge from “The Umbrella Academy”  will be voicing Rosy, a fearless raggedy bear. She will help Ollie fight for their freedoKnown for his roles in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Tim Blake Nelson voices Zozo, a kind soul who grees helps the estranged Ollie. Ginna Rodr Rodriguez (Carmen Sandiego) plays as Momma. Momma teaches Billy every virtue necessary for a successful feature. Other casts include Billy’s father, Jake Johnson, famous for “Jurrasic World” and  “Deliver by Christmas “star Keser Talbot (Billy). 

Lost Ollie Trailer: When can we watch?

There is no trailer or teasers for the Lost Ollie, but it will be streamed on Netflix when the premiere of the series is almost due. Netflix, however, has a variety of kids’ animated series that you can watch; The Legend Of Korra, Carmen and Sandiego, and Pocoyo are some of the many series you and the kids will enjoy binge-watching. 

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