Long Slow Exhale Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Other Important Details!

Spectrum Originals is streaming one of the most mind gripping shows to adorn the mainstream media in a while. Long Slow Exhale addresses issues that have been swept under the rug for eternity and need to be addressed. In case of a sexual abuse scandal in one of the most competitive teams, the school or the club’s primary goal is to keep the issue under wraps, but that is different for J C. Abernathy. Created by Pam Veasey, the series tells the story of the female basketball coach who is set on saving her career while also protecting girls from the exploitation that one of them faced. Secrets get exposed, relationships are tested, and the ugly side of Coach Eddie is unraveled.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Release Date:

It is barely a month since the first season came out, and despite the many positive reviews the show has garnered with only 6 out of eight episodes out, the official channel and the show creators are yet to tell us if there is something cooking. It may be a while till we get the show’s official updates as they will have to analyze how high the ratings are soaring or the negative reviews from the critiques.

The show has a 7.5/10 rating on IMDB, and it is only fitting to get a second dose of the addicting scandals of the women’s basketball team.

Elite,” “The A-List,” and “13 Reasons Why” have all been renewed for a season two, according to the network. As a result, “Long Slow Exhale” will almost certainly return for a second season.

But sadly, Long Slow Exhale, a drama series from Spectrum Originals rooted in the realm of women’s college basketball, won’t be getting a Season 2. The decision has already been made around a month and a half after the Season 1 broadcast.

The second season of “Long Slow Exhale” is set to premiere in 2022 if it will get any renewal.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Cast:

The series features actors you won’t help but remember which series you saw them in, like Rose Rollins, famous for playing Tasha Williams in The L Word. She plays J.C. Abernathy, the head coach of a women’s football basketball team whose primary goal is to protect her players. She features alongside Josh Lucas Hillman Ford, the university’s athletic director, Ian Harding playing Eddie Hagan, assistant coach. Lyric Bent plays Garett, Abernathy’s husband, and Shalini Bathina (Emily). If the series gets a renewal, we will see all the faces reprising their roles. We should also expect the series to feature new artists.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Plot:

J.C Abernathy is a woman anybody would admire; a women’s basketball coach, married to a good man and has a perfect family. However, not all is as meticulous as it seems, as she has dark secrets yet to resurface. Soon enough, Abernathy finds herself in the middle of a sexual abuse scandal that threatens to take away everything she has worked for; her career, family, and team. Realizing that one wrong step could lead to her losing everything she has always worked hard for, Abernathy has to do everything possible to protect her sanity. So far, only six episodes are out, and with six more episodes expected to premiere by the 25th of April, it is not easy to predict how the show will turn out.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Trailer:

 A trailer for the second season will probably take a lot of time before it premieres but, in the meantime, there is a better alternative; watch out for the remaining episodes of the first season that are expected to be out before May. 

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