Murdoch Mysteries Season 14: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates !

Canadian crime-fighting detective series, which stars Yannick Bisson, has been renewed for the 14th season. The TV show was renewed on May 12, 2020, by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The first season of the show, which premiered in 2008, tells the story of detective William Murdoch in the late 19th and early 20th century. This long-running series has fans wanting more; with more than 200 episodes, viewers are eagerly awaiting the new season’s arrival.

The detective Murdoch Mysteries is based on the Detective Murdoch novels by Maureen Jennings. Produced by Christina Jennings, Peter Mitchell, and Scott Garvie, the TV show has received a positive response from both reviewers and critics, even getting nominations from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and others.

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Murdoch Mysteries Season 14 Release Date: When will air?

As stated before, the show was announced for the 14th season in May 2020. The show has begun production on August 11, as announced by Shaftesbury films, and actors and production crew were placed at Gage park, where filming is taking place.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 14 Trailer: When can we watch it?

There has been no trailer that has been released for the coming 14th season. You can watch the previous seasons trailer here:

Murdoch Mysteries Season 14 Cast: Who will be a part of it?

Cast members of the Murdoch Mysteries include:

  • Yannick Bisson (Sue Thomas: FB Eye) as Detective William Murdoch, the protagonist.
  • Hélène Joy (Durham County) plays the role of Dr. Julia Ogden, the pathologist, and psychiatrist helping William’s investigations. She is also William’s lover.
  • Thomas Craig (Soldier Soldier) as Thomas Brackenreid, an inspector with the Toronto Constabulary and William’s boss. 
  • John Harris (Moving Day) stars as George Crabtree, a constable, and associate of William.
  • Other actors include
  • Shanice Banton (Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Violet Hart and Daniel Maslany (Impulse) as Detective Llewelyn Watts.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 14 Plot: What will happen next?

The show details happen in Toronto in 1895 and examine the day to day operations of Detective William Murdoch. Detective Murdoch solves cases using detective methods that are way ahead of his time. Methods such as fingerprints, blood tests, and surveillance techniques. This technique, although absurd during his time, is readily recognized for people in the 21st century.

Season 14 will continue to delve into the life and developments of William. The particular season will be set in 1908. As the usual procedure, the series will move to the next year in the new season, which is 1909 and, we will see the Montréal Canadien being established.

What are your expectations for the coming season?

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