Top 10 Ideas to Save Our World Global Warming

10. Save the ozone layer by performing a simple act

Have you ever taken care of the fact that whether the product you are buying can be recycled or not.? I am afraid the answer would not be in ‘yes’. We see a large section of our society in the shopping centers which is busy shopping stuff for themselves and their loved ones. If we could just take care of the fact that whatsoever we are buying can be recycled, then we can reduce global warming to a much greater extent. If you don’t see such thing happening in your ambience then think of starting one and do some good to your community. You will be amazed to know that be recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2400 pounds of carbon-dioxide annually.

9. Keep the heaters and Air-conditioners at tab

Try and use alternate ways to keep your home cool in summers or warm in winters. Nowadays, we are not dependent solely on heaters and air-conditioners as there are various other methods by virtue of which we can stay warm or cool. Add insulation to the walls of your home and install weather stripping around doors and windows. By doing so, you can save up to 25 percent of the heating cost and as a repercussion, around 2000 pounds of less carbon-dioxide per year.

8. Go for a CFL bulbs

Buy a compact fluorescent light bulb and replace all the regular light bulbs with CFL bulbs. If you manage to do this, it can do wonders as regards to the lessening of the greenhouse gases. A CFL uses two-thirds less energy and releases 70 percent less heat energy.

7. It is time to ride a bicycle

What if I say that cycling and walking can help you in keeping yourself physically fit? Yes, it is guys. Try to drive your car as less as practically possible and make use of your bicycle or it is also recommended to use your foot to go from one place to the other. Every gallon of the gas you save keeps about 20 pounds of carbon-dioxide out of the earth’s environment.

6. Take advantage of the latest technology to reduce global warming

Nowadays, where on one hand science has added to the problems of the mankind by creating atom bomb etc, at the same time it has also helped mankind and provided him with the opportunities to reduce global warming by inventing a range of state-of-the-art home appliances and other things. Whenever you go out for shopping to buy any home appliance or to buy a new car, always remember to choose the product which is the most energy-efficient. Abstain from buying those products which are available in the market in excessive packaging because this act of yours will discourage the manufacturers to use excessive packing material and as a consequence, you can save a lot of carbon-dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

5. Control the use of hot water

Try not to use excessively heated water at your homes to take a bath or to wash dishes etc because by doing so, you can save a lot of energy and hence keep carbon-dioxide from becoming the part of the atmosphere.

4. Electricity and water

Water and electricity are the major resources and their importance is escalating day by day. The reason behind this is that the world population is increasing at mushroom’s growth and there is not much considerable increase in the reserves of water. When I talk about water, I actually refer to the clean drinking water which has become a major problem in many parts of the world. So, it comes upon all of us, as a inhabitant of the earth, to save as much of these valuable resources as we possibly can.

3. Planting trees

Plant trees without any count and if you are able enough then plant behemoth trees to save earth from the drastic consequences of the increase in carbon-dioxide gas. Trees, during the process of photosynthesis, absorb the harmful carbon dioxide gas and release oxygen into the atmosphere. In a way, we can say that trees are the natural purifiers and one single tree absorbs almost one ton of carbon dioxide gas during its life time.

2. Ask for help from the utility companies

To ensure that your homes are running on an energy-efficient system, ask your local utility company to conduct an audit of our home and identify the areas which are not energy-efficient. You can also seek financial assistance from the companies to pay for the energy-upgrade installations.

1.  Egg others to cooperate in reducing global warming

You should take advantage of the latest and fast growing media nowadays. Share and discuss the information regarding the conservation of environment with other people. You can make use of the Facebook and Twitter to convey your ideas and thoughts to others in just a nick of time. For one day, you can upload the status “Plant more and more trees to save earth” instead of “I am busy preparing for exams”. Believe me, this is our world and we are its saviors. Aliens are already enjoying a gratifying life on Mars and they will not bother to come down to earth to help us ! .

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