CW Announces Lead Cast for ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ Live-Action Reboot !

Perhaps no girl in the world has spent her childhood without watching the anime show Powerpuff girls. The CW is creating a live-action TV show, Powerpuff Girls reboot, to reflect spicy, sweet childhood memories. 

The super-powered girls have leaped the animation world into a live-action TV show, and CW has finally got the main leads of this show. Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault will play the live renditions of the well-known supergirls. After 3 years of relation, Dove Cameron recently confirms her separation from her boyfriend Thomas Doherty.

Previously, the Powerpuff Girls reboot had made headlines when it was first revealed that The CW was producing a new live-action series, and it is based on the Craig McCracken Cartoon Network series.

But the new show also describes the time after the original cartoon when the girls in their thirties find out that they have lost their whole childhood time in crime and fight. 

As per Variety reports, Bennet will play the role of Blossom. Cameron will feature as Bubbles, as well Perrault will characterize the Buttercup role. Now, Blossom has many advanced degrees, but she becomes anxious and unsociable due to her repressed superhero effect, and once again, she is trying to become a leader. 

Chloe Bennett shows her excitement to be a part of this reboot with her tweet:

Meantime, Bubbles is the same charming personality as she was as a child and is basically more eager to reclaim her fame by redeveloping superhero powers. On another side, Buttercup fled behind her rebellious trait and hid her superhero identity in order to live an anonymous life.

So far, there have been no reports as to who will play the much-needed version of Mojo Jojo and H.I.M. 

Oscar-winner Diablo Cody and Heather Regnier compose the latest Powerpuff Girls pilot episode, and Maggie Kiley will direct this show. Bennett is no unfamiliar with the superhero’s role; she was featured as one of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D main characters in Marvel’s show. This was a super-powered reunion between Bennett and Dove; Cameron also played a role in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , she has also seen on Disney Show ‘The Descendants.’ As Perrault, she was cast explicitly in Alanis Morissette’s musical Jagged Little Pill and was ready to join Hamilton’s cast before Broadway closed last year.

As of now, the CW’s Powerpuff Girls TV show has no release date. We will keep you updated as soon as new details are revealed.

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