Those About to Die Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details That You Need To Know!

Peacock has been expanding their grip on Fresh content, which explains the giant list of the series already in development and those set to premiere in the coming months. One such series that has received a right-to-series order is the Gladiator drama series that will be based on “Those about to Die,” a fan fiction novel by Daniel Mannix. Robert Rodat, the screenwriter who has written other films like The Patriot, is expected to write and executively produce the series alongside Round Emerich.

Emerich expressed his sentiments by saying that he had always been fascinated by the Roman empires, especially their famous game, which was the primary source of entertainment. He added that he is excited to collaborate with Peacock and all his colleagues to bring this roman world to all the viewers.

Those About to Die Season 1 Release Date:

The series received an order about three months, and so far, we are yet to receive an update on when the series will be out. The show will be produced by High-End Productions, a company set by Herbert Kloiber. Since the production company is set to make European series for the worldwide market and is established in Europe, the series might just be filmed in Europe. AGC Television will distribute the series in European countries and countries outside Europe. With such an organized production and distribution channel, expect the series to be released by 2023.

Those About to Die Season 1 Plot:

Have you heard of roman gladiators, or do you know who roman gladiators are? Gladiator was a fancy name for calling the Roman sworders. They were professional swordsmen who fought for the Roman Empire and, most of the time, would fight in front of a crowd to offer their viewers the entertainment they needed. The upcoming series will be based on the Roman gladiators, giving them a fresh and underlooked perspective. It will include the gladiators and chariot racing while also having random characters who carry with them the intrigue, charm, and secrets of the underground dark criminal world.

Those About to Die Season 1 Cast:

The cast of the roman gladiators is yet to be revealed, but a wild guess is that it will feature characters with experience in acting in period dramas. The creators of the Roman Gladiators series remain to be Robert Rodat, Harald Kloser, and Roland Emmerich. Gianni Nunnari Rodat has a history of writing series like Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot, and he will also executive produce the series.

On the other side, Emmerich has penned series like Independence Day and Moon fall, and he is expected to produce the series alongside Rodat. It is the first time Emmerich is directing a TV show; Truth be Told, fans can’t wait for how the new adventure will go. Fingers Crossed!

Those About to Die Season 1 Trailer:

The series trailer is yet to be released, and despite the anxiety of getting to watch the gladiators do what they do best, we will have to wait for the trailer to get a glimpse. As we await, you can watch other roman themed shows. Shows like Spartacus and Spartacus, Gods of the Arena, have an exemplary representation of the gladiators at work.

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