The Lives of Men: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

Do you ever fantasize about getting married, and if yes, what age would you want to cease being a bachelor and spinster world? Back then, marriages came so early, but in the new era, getting married in your early 20s or waiting for your early 30’s is still okay. The Lives of Men is an upcoming series that follows the lives of four bachelor men. It highlights the challenges they face as bachelors, the loneliness that comes with not having a family to go back to at the end of a long day, dating life, and their ambitions of one day becoming dads. Will they die single, or will they eventually live the lives they have always imagined? Only one way to find out!

The Lives Of Men Release Date: When will it telecast?

This is a new series, and the information concerning the series progress is scarce. There is no set release date for when we will see the season’s premiere. So far, information on the streaming channel, the number of episodes, the episode’s runtime is yet to be established by the show’s creators. Information on the filming location, when the filming starts and the production company is among the details we expect to be briefed about when the time is due. If filming starts soon enough, we expect the series to premiere sometime in 2022 or latest, in 2023.

The Lives Of Men Cast: Who will be appeared?

Lamont Pierre, famous for creating Freefall and Ghosts of Fort Greene, will act as both the actor and the director of the series. The four bachelors will play an integral role in the show as the plot of the series revolves around them. Anthony Goss, renowned for Uzi and FBI plays Alvin, Joshua Spencer Boone (Fruit of Love, Ghost of Fort Greene) will play as Tate. Kelvin Witherspoon, famous for acting in the ‘Doctor Who‘ series and portraying Rayvon in the ‘Black Lightning‘ series, will portray Raymond. Carl Ellis Grant from ‘Impossible Monsters’ and ‘Pieces’ will act as Edison in the upcoming show.  

The Lives Of Men Plot: What will happen?

The series is still in development, and so far, there is minimal information on what it entails. However, from the title, we already have an idea of what the series will entail. Four bachelors, Alvin, Tate, Raymond, and Edison, who are in their prime thirties, have one thing in common; they do not have a family hence relating to most if not everything about dating and marriages. The four friends, albeit tired of life’s disappointments, support each other to overcome the loneliness they deal with daily. But will they fulfill their lifetime goal of becoming husbands and fathers?

The Lives Of Men Trailer: When will it be out?

A teaser or a trailer for the upcoming series is yet to be released, but we could expect it to be out before its debut. There are several shows with the same plot as the upcoming series that you can check out before we get to see the upcoming tv show. TVF bachelors is a similar series that tells the story of four bachelor flatmates who have to deal with the challenges of being a bachelor. You can also stream Two and A Half Men, a sitcom on Netflix which tells the story of Charly, a womanizing bachelor.

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