The CW’s ‘Black Lightning’ Spoilers: Are you excited to see The Flash Appear In Black Lightning? Is Jennifer Really Dead?

Since debuting in 2018, Black Lighting has been one of the underrated series in DC’s Arrowverse.

The American TV series ‘Black Lightning’ is based on DC Comics character Black Lightning, which returned with its final and fourth season and has already aired four episodes. Its first season premiered in 2018, produced by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros, Akil Production, and DC Entertainment. 

In the 4th episode, things were not ending well for the role of Lightning. As a consequence, Black Lightning fans have been scared for Jennifer and ask if she is dead.

On 8th February 2021, Black Lightning Season 4 telecasted on CW. While episode 4 did not end well for Jennifer, it is unlikely that we saw her for the last time on the show. We saw Jennifer flying into space during the last moments of this episode in hopes of clearing her head after a recent hard patch.

We hope that something unexpected can happen, and we see Jennifer’s arrival with exaggerated power after the explosion. 

As fans of Black Lightning comics, this is not a probable end for Jennifer as comics have similar circumstances, and then we see her as a powerful version of Lightning made of pure energy. We notice the clues of the events in Episode 4, same as we had read in comics, because there are infinite shining pieces left floating in space.

It’s fair to say that Black Lightning episode 4 has left fans with cliffhanger. Some also give spoilers for upcoming episodes. 

A member of Black Lighting Facebook, Lance, has stated that The Flash actor Grant Gustin will also feature as Barry Allen role, also known as The Flash, in The Black Lightning forthcoming episode. 

Though the character will only be describing a cameo in the show, there is no significant story in which he is to be the hero of the fourth season. There is no news as to what his character will be. It only indicates that the Black Lightning will be the first crossover with anyone outside the Arrowverse. It has another crossover, but it also belongs to Arrowverse that is Infinite Series Crisis.

This show airs every Monday at 9 PM on The CW and is telecasted online on Tuesday at The CW streaming platform.

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