The 1619 Project Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything You Want To Know!

Nicole Hanna-Jones, a journalist at New York Times, pitched an idea about 4 years ago to reexamine the impact that slavery had on American Life and culture. The project coincided with the 4th Anniversary of Chattel Slavery hence the name 1619. Copies of the newspaper sold, and Nicole won a Pulitzer Prize after the issue was out. The project, however, got a lot of critiques, with the then president of the United States, Donald Trump, saying that the show was toxic propaganda ad New Gingrich, the former speaker of the United State House of Presentative, saying the project was all lies. However, this did not deter the project’s success, as four years later, the project is getting its series on Hulu and will be released soon.

The 1619 Project Season 1 Release Date:

Hulu has confirmed that the show will be available on the 26th of January. The upcoming series will be a six-part documentary that delves deeper into the lives of Black Americans and their history over time. The first two episodes will release on the 26th of January then the others will be released weekly up until the 6th one. The show will be available exclusively on Hulu, and you will need a subscription to binge on the upcoming show.

 The 1619 Project Season 1 Plot:

The plot of the 1619 project focuses on Black people’s history and how life has been ever since they were taken as slaves to the United States. Hannah Jones commented that the Show is a story of America and explained that there is no way you could not tell and understand the story of America without including black people in it. You cannot tell the story of America without understanding the history of slavery; that is what the upcoming series will be about. She added that the show is not a documentary about Black People’s lives but offers an understanding of the country that Black Americans live in.

The 1619 Project Season 1 Cast:

 Hannah Jones will be the narrator of the upcoming series, as the series and the documentary was her idea. She will also act as the show’s executive producer alongside Roger Ross Williams and Caitlin Roper, the editor of the New York Times magazine and the 1619 Project. Kathleen Lingo, as well as the New York’s Rimes editorial director, will join the executive producers alongside Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey is a famous talk show, philanthropist, television producer, and director, among many others. Shoshana Guy. Journalist and the show’s executive producer will also double up as a showrunner.

The 1619 Project Season 1 Trailer:

 A trailer for the 1619 series has already been released; you can check it out on either Hulu or YouTube. The series trailer has a voice-over that narrates how enslaved people were taken to America, when they were taken and how life has been so far. It’s a documentary of the lives of Black Americans, the fight for their freedom, their call for equity, and how they are still fighting for similar opportunities. The trailer mentions that the upcoming series will not only be about slavery or the history of Black Americans but also the contributions that Black Americans have made in the US.

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