50 Cent and Lala Anthony To Produce Starz Biopic Series On Cyntoia Brown’s Story!

The strength of the G-Unit brand cannot be doubted, though it dominated the airwaves in the early 2000s. 50 Cent’s efforts in film and television are as successful as his musical journey. With his latest project on the life of Cyntoia Brown, Rap star 50 Cent continues his annoying pace in producing T.V. shows for Starz Network. The new drama, “Cyntoia Brown Story,” has been produced by Fif and Lala Anthony.

Cyntoia Brown’s Story is a series which will be based on Cyntoia Brown-Long story and based on the autobiography by Brown-Long Free Cyntoia: My Search for Redemption within the American Prison System, which focuses on her journey to justice after she has been sentenced to life in prison for the killing in self-defense of Johnny Michael Allen. Not until mega-celebrities such as Rihanna- The Hottest Women, Lala Anthony, and Kim Kardashian, of course, clarified the circumstances in her case to help change her sentence.

Fif’s G-Unit Film & Television was presented by Lala Anthony. As a writer and E.P. of this project, Santa Sierra, the managing director for Power Book II, will serve in this series. Her husband Jamie Long and Cyntoia Brown-Long will be consulted. The Hollywood reporter says the pair worked with “Power: Book III,” Santa Sierra, to bring Starz’s astonishing story to Brown. When Cyntoia Brown was only 16 years old at the beginning of the 2000s, she was sexually trafficked by a pimp named Cutthroat. In 2004, Brown killed a man in Nashville, Tennessee, named Johnny Allen, who was pimped to receive $150.

Brown’s case began to receive media coverage as the #metoo movement grew. Her distress became a national issue following her release from prison by Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, TI, and Snoop Dogg. In 2017, as a defender for Brown’s release, Kim Kardashian, who is currently in law school, went to work.

Brown-Long, a victim of sex trafficking and forced into prostitution, was sentenced to 15 years for killing a guy at the age of 16. Brown, a 43-year-old real estate agent, Johnny Allen, was convicted in 2006 of aggravated robbery and first-degree homicide for having killed her after he picked her up for sex at Sonic Drive-Ins.

She said the police had been shot and had taken a pistol off her bag and fatally shot Allen because she thought he would be reaching for a weapon. She said that Allen was being shot. Although a minor, the sentence meant that she served at least 51 years before she was eligible for parole and that she would remain ineffective until she was 67. In 2019, Governor Bill Haslam’s amnesty was granted to her.

After examining the case, the former governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, decided to pardon Brown, and in August 2019, she was released. The story of Brown is the second auto-biographical play that 50 Cent has become a T.V. show. Fifth, by producing Isai Wright Jrs life story and turning his story into a hit show for ABC called “For Life,” he also found achievement and critical acclaim.

Also, 50 Cent has recently shot Season 1 of the real-life crime series, “B.M.F.,” which will also appear on Starz, in conjunction with new spin-offs of his franchise “Power.” Rapper 50 Cent said it was in the new main movie picture earlier this week, named “free agents.”

This project falls under Starz‘s recently launched #TakeTheLead initiative, the company’s comprehensive effort to deepen its existing commitment to narratives by, about, and for women and underrepresented audiences. And now the fans are excited for a new autobiographical story of Cyntoia Brown-Long.

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