Power Book II: Ghost 3 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Need To Know!

The top leading 1990s series, Power, has achieved considerable attention from the audience with the type of plot it predicts. The characters are highly graphical, and the attention-seeking story of GHOST has now gained another turn. The prequel is all about the story of GHOST’s past, how he survived, and went ahead in his life, stumbling, stabbing everything. 

The boy is passionate and wants to exhibit such a powerful story about how his mother must get justice. Although he tries everything to hire the best lawyer who will fight for his mother, he still depicts something is missing in the case and will find in his father’s past.

Power Book II: Ghost 3 Release Date: When Will It Air?

The new STARZ Power book III: RISING KANAN is all set to be released on 18 July 2021. The productions are almost finished. The previous season, Power book II: GHOST, was just released on 6 September 2020. But the cast has given a hint that the summer series will go as far as six seasons.

“Power Book II: Ghost” has been revived for a third season by Starz. The sequel to “Power,” including the first of several planned spinoffs, has been renewed for a third season by STARZ.

Power Book II: Ghost 3 Plot predictions And Spoilers: What Will Happen?

The drug dealer’s wife, and the mother dear to the boy, most prominently the series will gather the notice about how much the jail sentence will affect her. She will come out stronger and find everything that her husband kept hidden from them.

The news is official that the Power book is up for the renewed second season and almost finishing up. They have also acknowledged that this time, the story is a little in old times, and more quality storytelling. But there are also rumors that the team behind the Power series has released names for two more seasons, Power Book IV Influence, Power Book V: Force.

Power Book II: Ghost 3 Cast: Who’s On Board?

Since the story is about how Kannan, played by Curtis Jackson, got involved in becoming the drug lord, the young Kannan, played by Mekai Curtis, will show he got away from everything. Raq Thomas, played by Patina Miller, is the mother of Kannan, who protects him in every way possible. Toby Sandeman as Symphony Bosket, London Brown as Marvin Thomas, and Lou-Lou Thomas, played by Malcolm Mays, is the family of Raq Thomas, promoting drug dealing on streets. Joey badass is Unique who handles the dealing. 50 cent is the producer of this series.

Power Book 3 Cast

Power Book II: Ghost 3 Storyline: What is it About? 

The story is surrounding the 90s vibe, where Kannan first started his job as a drug dealer. Kannan will come back as he faked his death with Romena. They both were falsified and had to stay hidden. The series will show how Raq, Lou-Lou, and Marvin, started protecting Kannan from forces and made it a business.

Although Tasha will come out for her son, but she will form a whole new personality. She will evict everyone who tried to hurt Tariq in her absence. When she completes her sentence, Tasha comes to know that the government has legalized drug businesses.

Power Book II: Ghost 3 Trailer:

Season three does not yet have a trailer, but you can see the promo for the upcoming spin-off series Power Book IV: Force below.

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