Ju-On Origins Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Need To Know!!

Ju-On origins is a franchise part of the Ju-On series. It is a collaboration of the Japanese American horror franchise. Takashi Shimizu creates it. If you are a die hard fan of the Ju-On franchise series, then we have good news for you guys that the Jo-On franchise is back with its season 2 of Jo-On origins. This franchise firstly came in 1998 with the short film name Katasumi and 4444444444.

Ju-On origins are the television series of this franchise. The series revolves around a curse that is developed in the house of Merina, Tokyo. In the story, the story’s main lead character, Takeo, confessed that he had murdered his wife because she had an affair with another man. He also admitted that he murdered his son and even his pet cat ruthlessly. So the story craved a profound narrative that if someone was murdered like this. A curse will be overpowered to the individual or a family.

Their spirit always haunted that location and killed anyone who entered the door of that house. This supernatural horror drama is so exciting to watch by its unique screenplay storyline and cast performances, which are beyond appreciable for its viewers.

If you are looking for a Japanese horror movie, this is one of Ju-On origin’s best. Its fans are anxiously waiting for its second season, which is supposed to become in early 2021. Recently season 1 of Ju-On origin has received so much appreciation by the critics and rated a very good score of 8 by ten on IMDb.

Let’s go in detail for further information about Ju-On origins season 2.

Ju-On Origins Season 2 Release Date : When will it premiere?

 As the worst condition arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, many film industries have shut down their doors. Due to this, there is no confirmation announcement about the releasing date of season 2 of the show. You guys have to wait a bit more for an official announcement. More probably, we can say that you will get the renewal of season 2 in the summer of 2021 or early 2022.

Ju-On Origins Season 2 Release Date

Ju-On Origins Season 2 Cast : Who will make a comeback?

Although there are many characters in the series that make the whole series so thrilled to watch for the audience, the most lead character makes this series exceptionally horror and excited appreciable by the audience:

  • Yoshitoshi Arakawa
  • Yuina Kuroshima
  • Ririka
  • Koki Osamura
  • Seiko Iwaido
  • Kai Inowaki
  • Tei Ryushin
  • Yuya Matsuura
  • Kaho Tsuchiura
  • Tokyo Emoto
  • Nobuko Sendo
  • Kana Kurashina

All these will reprise their roles in Ju-On origin season 2.

Ju-On Origins Season 2 Trailer :

The shooting of season 2 doesn’t start due to the pandemic situation all around the world. But you can go through the season 1 trailer of Ju-On origin in which you can see the intense horrible storyline and tremendous cost performance by the cast:

Ju-On Origins Season 2 plot : What will you get to see in it?

In season 1, you get six episodes, and that season ended with a cliffhanger of an array of questions for the audience that will be revealed in season 2. We can consider the central concept of the series similar to the anthology of the curse. It will continue their story in season 2 by expanding their history. More possibly, they will focus on the unpack of Takeo’s character and the curse storyline. Season 1 has left many secrets that discovered a dark and deadly curse of the murdered wife of the lead character. This time you will see the more spending history of Yasuo Odajima, trapped in this curse. Season 2 will reveal how he tackles the situations and his family e and reveals the history of that Haunted House.

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