Top 10 Secrets Stories behind Bigg Boss

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting secrets you should know about one of the biggest reality TV shows there is, Bigg Boss.

bigg boss secrets

Bigg Boss season 3 was the shortest season with running time of just 84 days.

bigg boss secrets

Navjot Singh Sidhu, holds the record for staying inside the house the longest without any eviction votes.

bigg boss secrets

Celebrities do get their share of alchol inside the house. Only difference? It is served to them in juice packets!

bigg boss secrets

A cleaning staff is hired to clean the house! Housemates don’t do all the cleaning.

bigg boss secrets

Pooja Misrra has received the highest eviction votes in history. A total of 35.

bigg boss secrets

During the day, housemates sometimes sleep in places that were hidden from the camera like under the table or behind the sofa.

bigg boss secrets

Jade Goody was the first international contestant to feature on the show, in 2008.

bigg boss secrets

RJ Pritam saw his daughter walk for the first time when she came to see him on the show.

bigg boss secrets

Vindu Dara Singh is the oldest Bigg Boss winner till date. He was 41 years old when he was crowned the winner of Bigg Boss 3.

bigg boss secrets

Season 4 was the only installment of the show which had a wedding in it. Sara Khan tied the knot with co-contestant Ali Merchant.

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