Faraway Downs Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Want To Know!

Faraway Downs movie by Baz Buhrmann hit the theatres in 2008, but the reception was not as good as expected. Through a lot of streaming and sharing, the show has gained a huge viewership, and recently, Hulu gave the order for the show to be redeveloped into a six-part miniseries. The show will be limited; therefore, a second season is highly unlikely. The upcoming show will comprise the footage initially captured for the film and an expanded plot of the countryside romance.

Faraway Downs Season 1 Release Date:

There is no news on when the redevelopment will be out, but the high chance is that the series might debut in late 2022 or next year. Hulu ordered the series to be reimagined in six parts, translating to six episodes of the historic show. The show’s production remains a mystery, and we will have to wait for updates.

Faraway Downs Season 1 Cast:

Nicole Kidman (Nine Perfect Strangers), the American Australian actress, will star in the series alongside Hugh Jackman. Kidman has starred in various series and is known for her eccentric performance, which will reflect her role as Lady Sarah, the aristocrat. She will star as the lady who almost gets her inheritance squandered and has to join forces with a second party.

Hugh Jackman stars as the cattle drover who accepts to join forces with Ashley. A collaboration that was reluctant at first soon turns into a full-blown romance. It is unknown whether all the other cast who premiered in the 2008 movie will be back. In case of an update, we will be keen to keep you informed.

Faraway Downs Season 1 Plot:

The series is a period Australian tale that describes both romances in a more modern form. It tells the story of Lady Sarah Ashley, an aristocrat who inherits the faraway Dawns after the death of her husband. The Faraway Dawns is a famous large ranch occupied with Cattle and eyed by many. Since her husband is dead, the barons consider her mute and vulnerable, and they plot to steal her land from her. She has to think fast and save her land on time or dilly dally and risk losing the only piece of land that reminds her of her husband.

Reluctantly, Ashley has to join forces with Jackman, a cattle drover, to secure the chances of retaining her land. The two soon fall in love, and Nullah describes their romance, A young biracial whose government policy has influenced her to stay at the ranch. The trio goes through life-changing adventures together, love affairs, four challenging years and the dire effects of World War II.

Faraway Downs Season 1 Trailer:

The series trailer is yet to be released by the streaming channel, and it is not evident when it will be here. However, Luhrmann Baz has worked on many projects; the most recent is Elvis, the musical drama show released in 2022. The outstanding performance. The show’s costumes and characters have impressed fans, and the movie has a 7.8/10 rating on IMDB. The show tells the story of the rock n roll artist and his relationship with the manager. The show is yet to hit several streaming channels, but you can check it out on HBO on the 8th of August.

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