Pandora Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and All Things That You Need To Know! 

2020 is indeed full of surprises; another surprise is on the way. After the show’s full-on criticism, rotten tomatoes rated it 14 percent and only four out of ten IMDB ratings. Critics didn’t like the show, which was the case with the audience, but some believed that the show could develop into many seasons if they improve their approach and some other developments. The chances of cancellation were very high. However, the show is returning for season 2. If you are a sci-fi fan, you should watch it to check out what makes the makers confident.

Pandora Season 2 Release date : When will it air?

The show premiered in July 2019, and it concluded on 1st July 2019. Let us give you some insights into the viewership of Pandora’s season 1. The first episode had 0.72 million views, which is not so bad; what is worse is the views on the show’s final episode, only 0.38 million. These stats tell us that many people left the show as they didn’t find it exciting and worth watching. But the creators really have a strong will, and soon after the ending of the first season, they announced that season two would premiere in 2020. The second installment of the show will premiere on 4th October 2020.  

Pandora Season 2 Cast : who is returning?

We are expecting the cast of season one to return for the sequel. Priscilla Quintana will be the protagonist once again playing Jax. Other vital characters of the show are Xander Duvall, Atria Nine, Greg Li, Ralen, and Delaney Pilar, played by Oliver Dench, Rachelle Banno, John Harlan Kim, Ben Radcliffe, and Banita Sandhu respectively. We expect Pandora Season 2 also to feature Tehmina Sunny, Tommie Earl, Vikash Bhai, Manu Bennett, and Amy McPherson. The cast is strong, and it doesn’t seem like the week point of the show. So comment in the comment box to share your views on why the show got such bad Reviews. Creators are Steve Kriozere and Mark A. Altman.

Pandora Season 2 Cast

Pandora Season 2 Plot : what is it about?

The plot sounds classic. The story revolves around Pandora in the year 2199; she is a young woman who has lost everything she had. She finds a purpose for herself and starts learning to defend the humans from the intergalactic threats. As the plot gradually opens, it turns out that the galaxy’s fate is in her hands; she can either save everyone or destroy everyone. The story for season two is unknown, but we can figure out that it will focus a bit on the return of Greg Li, who died in season one.

Pandora Reviews :

Pandora was not received very well by the critics. They were merciless and stated that the show was cheap without even a single likable character. Critics claimed that the mysterious science fiction feel was nowhere near the show! Many critics trashed the show by saying that there was no character development and the show was dull. Please inform us in the comment section what you found interesting in the show and why you want to watch the second season? 

Pandora Season 2  trailer :

There is no official trailer of the second season, but we have a one minute video shown during the Comic-Con 2020. However, it does not reveal anything in terms of the story of season 2.

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