Ares Season 2 : Netflix, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Information That You Want To Know!

One of the best horror touch dramas named Ares will renew its second season very soon on the original network, Netflix. This horror web television series created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten and Sander Van Meurs. Giancarlo Sanchez and Michael Ten Horn directed the series. Still, there is only one season that premiered on 17 January 2020, consisting of 8 episodes, each of 30 minutes. Now, the production house of the series, Pupkin, is going to reboot another season. The whole story revolves around the protagonist of the series, Rose Steenwijk, a medical student in Amsterdam. She was a first-year college student who secretly joined student society Ares and learned the society’s dark secret. 

According to the thesis of Greek mythology, Ares is considered as the God of war. It is being present as one of the 12 Olympians. Zeus and Hera are parents of Ares. Ares is the symbolism of great violence and brutality which highlighting an unwanted environment of war that also took others’ lives at any cost. Supernatural horror drama has rated 6/10 on IMDb rating with an average score of 65/100.

Read below more about the Ares season 2, which is going to be premier soon.

Ares Season 2 Release Date : When will it premiere?

Although we don’t have any actual release date by the makers. We expect season 2 of Ares in 2021 on the streaming network of the series, Netflix original. However, there is a bleak possibility of its cancellation due to the global crisis of the deadly coronavirus, which significantly impacts the production’s budget and schedule.

Hoping for the best and early renewal of season 2.

Ares season 2 Release Date

Ares Season 2 Cast : Who can we expect?

We are not expecting a lot of changes in the crew members of the previous cast. That’s why more likely, all the last faces would have appeared in season 2 also. Here is the list of the form of season 1:

  • Jade Olieberg in the character of Rosa Steenwijk.
  • Lisa Smith in the character of Carmen Zwanenburg.
  • Tobias Kersloot in the character of Jacob Wessels
  • Robin Boissevain in the role of Roderick van Hall
  • Frieda Barnhard in the character of Fleur Booms
  • Hans Kesting as Maurits Zwanenburg
  • Rifka Lodeizen in the character of Hester de Hoogh
  • Roos Dickmann in the character of Puk.

Ares season 2 Cast

Ares Season 2 Trailer : When will we see it?

Although there is no official trailer of Ares season 2 that has been out on Netflix’s official website. You can watch the trailer of Season 1 here: 

You can also view the episodes of this fantastic, thrilling drama series on Netflix originals.

Ares Season 2 Expected Plot And Storyline :

The storyline’s exact prediction about the upcoming season is so hard to describe to you as there is no official information or trailer that has been out yet. Here we tell you a rough scenario about this upcoming season. We can conclude that the group plan made at Bay will be the central line of this upcoming story. As you watch at the end of season 1, Rosa died and incarnated with enormous abilities. The forthcoming season will highlight the picture of the core power of Rosa and her life’s adventurous situations.

Till then, Stay in touch with us for more latest updates!

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