Pam and Tommy Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Should Know!

Whoever said that reality does not make its way into television must undoubtedly be eating their bitter words right now. Pam and Tommy is a biographical drama film based on the romantic life of Pamela Anderson (Borat) and Tommy Lee. The miniseries is one of a kind because it follows the events of a scandal that happened to a real couple in real life. When someone close to the couple steals a VHS sex tape that the couple had made, they must frantically deal with the situation to avoid a social scandal.

Pam and Tommy Season 1 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

The eagerly awaited tv miniseries will premiere in February 2022 on Hulu, with the pilot episode slated to air by February 2022. Since it is a miniseries, it will air for a short time as it is expected only to portray a version of what happened to Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson after their sex tape was stolen.

Pam and Tommy Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

The cast features three prominent actors in the lead roles: Sebastian Stan (What if) plays the role of Tommy Lee while Lily James (My Policeman) plays the role of Pamela Anderson. According to Hulu, Seth Rogen will also portray Rand Gauthier. In April 2021, Nick Offerman (Good Omens) and Taylor Schilling (Monsterland) were given the parts of Uncle Miltie and Erica Gauthier. Pepi Sonuga, Andrew Dice Clay, Spenser Granese and Mozhan Marnò were later cast in recurring and minor roles. 

Pam and Tommy Season 1 Plot: What will Happen?

The plot of the miniseries follows the married life of Pamela and Tommy after the release of the sex tape by their electrician, Rand Gauthier. While the showrunners have suppressed crucial details regarding the plot, we as the fans expect the miniseries to follow the structure of events as they occurred during Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s marriage. 

Pam and Tommy Season 1 Storyline: What is it all about?

Since the details regarding the tv miniseries have not been released yet, we are left to piece together the storyline from the trailer and the record of events that happened to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Pam and Tommy make the tape, and Gauthier gains access to it. While we are not sure of whether Gauthier blackmails the couple with the tape as it happened in real life, we know for a fact that Gauthier uploads the video and turns the couple’s life upside down. 

Pam and Tommy Season 1 Trailer: When will be it out?

“…I’m in the video same as you.

No. Not like me you’re not.”

This quote from the trailer tells you all you need to know about the nature of the film and the intensity of the sex tape crisis. On YouTube, OneMedia hosts a two-minute trailer video that shows how the sex tape falls into the wrong hands and the decision that faces Rand Gauthier.

In the trailer, Rand gains access to the Lee household and, with his accomplice, proceeds to watch the contents of a tape they find in the house. At first, the video is a montage of the couple’s life, which prompts Rand and his accomplice to fast forward. The shock on their faces is almost tangible when they encounter the sex scene and ponder what to do with it. The trailer ends with Pam and Tommy reacting to the uploaded tape by Rand, which is marketed as “Hardcore”.

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