The ‘Soul of America’ on HBO, a documentary that explores America’s dark present through the lens of the Past!

The creator of “Soul of America” Jon Meacham has recently explored the book’s adaptation that includes Japanese American Internment, Civil rights movement, and women suffrage as the dark Past of America.

In this documentary, you will get to watch The Dark side of Americans that had arrived in the ancient history of America.

This documentary has been recently aired on HBO networks on last 27 October, Tuesday, coming with the title as “The Soul of America”.

It is highly inspired by the 2018 best seller book of Joh Meacham in which incredible moments of America have been depicted. It also featured many interviews of the speculators and the significant people of that period. It will make you aware more about that divisive, confusion period along with its complex history. This 1-hour 17-minute documentary has many clips in which Jon spoke about the engagement, upbringing, and insight views of people that were so close to him in that period.

The overall documentary is based on how Brazen marched down Pennsylvania in 1920, the horrifying events in Charlottesville, the women’s suffrage and their right to vote moment, the Japanese internment camp of 1940 along with their torn children that became a sensationalized headline of the time. This documentary will definitely stun you by revealing the dark stuff of America.

Jon Meacham stated that we must learn from the civil rights movement and women’s collaboration for their right to vote. This documentary will touch your heart by reminding you of the movie “Knock down the house,” which is also inspired by historical documentaries. This doc is not just a script line or performance; it will give you some insightful moments that were real for the people.

The memorable dialogues of this documentary will be going to hit you a bit differently. Even though Meacham’s strong voice and the narration of the documentary is incredibly amazing. This documentary stood at a different position by paralleling all the series of the Hollywood industry and giving you a Crystal clear view of America. It aired in such a scenario of presidential election in America so that the people gain the ability to choose the right candidate for them.

Jon Meacham also confessed that he will vote for Joe Bidden in the presidential elections and he even considered himself not to be a democrat. He also asks people to look into the darkness and find the light, which indirectly highlighted the upcoming election issues of America. This documentary will be good stuff for the people to know more about the Past of their country.

So we must recommend you to look at this documentary, which is still available and streaming on the HBO network.

Till then, stay attuned with our page for more latest updates.

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