Omarosa Makes Bombshell Prediction Before Election Night That DonalTrump will Lose!

Many celebrities have expressed their views on the presidential elections in 2020. Shakina Nayfack bashed Donald Trump as he is against the LGBTQ+ community. Now just a night before the elections, Omarosa Manigault has predicted that Donald Trump will lose the elections of 2020.

Omarosa and Trump go way back; she was a contestant on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice; she then worked for him but made a very public exit in 2017. Not just that, she wrote a book, Unhinged, the book reported the bad behavior of Donald Trump and the use of racist language for black people. 

Omarosa hasn’t backed out from expressing her opinion. Just as the Americans are casting their votes, Omarosa believes Joe Biden will win these elections. She Stated that if Trump becomes the US president again, he will make things very difficult for America, but if he loses, he is still going to give people a hard time as he will not accept the defeat easily.

Omarosa added that Melania Trump would leave Donald J. Trump before you can even say, “Goodbye, honey,” if Trump loses these elections. According to Omarosa, Trump is proof that power can totally corrupt a person, and in this case, the power went straight to his head!

Many celebrities are supporting Joe Biden in these elections, Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi, and recently we saw Jennifer Lopez and her fiance talking to Joe Biden about his plans to help Americans and bring the economy back on track. Omarosa had also joined these stars in their support of Joe Biden. When Omarosa was asked about who did she vote for, Omarosa stated that you do not ask someone that question, and then she added in a teasing tone that she is a Bison through and through, and she voted for the Howard University graduate. 

Omarosa not only praised Biden, but she also talked highly about Kamala Harris, she is Newman’s Howard University alum. Omarosa exclaimed that Kamala Harris is about to create history by becoming the most powerful woman in D.C. Kamala Harris is an inspiration for Omarosa as Kamala Harris’s journey to success is remarkable, and she encourages her to dive into these troubled waters.

Soon enough, we will know that her prediction is correct or not.

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