Five Finger Death Punch Parts Ways With Jason Hood; Andy James Joined As Replacement!

Five Finger Death Punch is one of the hardest working bands out there. Their last 13 years have been a roller coaster; they released eight studio albums and also blessed us with two greatest hit compilations! They have been on the road and in the sky more than on stage or at home. To provide happiness to the people around the world, they have lacked their personal time!  

Jason Hook joined the rock band in 2009, and fans were worried about him when he had to go under an emergency gallbladder surgery. Although fans were praying for Jason’s health, they were upset as the band postponed three tour dates considering James’ condition. The band hit the road again in 2019, but Jason Jason left the Europe tour in the middle as he needed more time for his health to recover. Now it is official that James is no more a part of the band.

Five Finger Death Punch Band Members

Why Did James Hook Leave?

Jason has been a part of the band for 13 years, and he depicted his happiness for that. Hook thanked all the fans, and in a statement about his departure, he talked about how much he’s gonna miss the joyous looks on his fans’ faces. When Jason was asked about the reason for his departure, Jason Hook said that there are multiple reasons, and one of them is that he wants to pass the baton and face new challenges in life. Jason said that he has been in bands for his entire life, and he has done all the good that he could in that field! 

Who Is Joining The Band? 

We know the magic Jason could do with his guitar, so the band members needed to choose the correct person. Zoltan Bathory said that they need to find a guitarist who is on the absolute top of their game! It is confirmed now that Andy James, who filled the empty spot on Band’s Europe tour, will be handling the guitar. Zoltan added that Andy had the ability to step into Jason’s shoes. Zoltan Bathory and Andy have the same birthday; it seems like it was meant to be. 

What’s New From Five Finger Death Punch?

The band is just waiting for the COVID madness to be over as they want to hit the road and go back on stage to see their fans’ faces. This year, F8 landed and is ruling the music industry with two number one hits; Inside Out and A Little Bit Off. The latest single from the same album is also blowing off the charts; we will see Living The Dream‘s official video on 15th October 2020.

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