NXIVM Defector India Oxenberg Breaks Silence Over The Escape From ‘Inhumane’ Sex Cult!

Recently hot town news caught fire when India Oxenberg, dear daughter of Dynasty star, broke her silence last Tuesday.

The way she openly talked about her life on VOW, an American real crime documentary show on HBO, is so striking. Vow debuted itself on 23 August 2020 and still comes up with its nine engaging episodes. 

Its recent Oxenberg’s story episode and her eventual run-off from NXIVM, a renowned self-help organization, is becoming so contagious among the viewers.

Recently, Keith Ranieri, co-founder and lead leader of this organization, was found guilty of sex trafficking and child pornography.

In a recent show of ABC’s Good Morning America, Oxenberg and her mother Catherine Oxenberg, elaborated on their horrible journey of seven years of struggle that how they get free from that ‘inhuman’ sex cult of NXIVM.

Further, she added that she joined NXIVM for her self-help and self-growth, but the outcome was disturbing and unexpected.

This organization is located explicitly in Albina, New York, which enchanted millionaires Hollywood stars.

India Oxenberg attended her very first meeting in NXIVM with her mother when she was only 19.

She alleged that the organization desperately tried to separate her from her family. She stated that it was all such a horrible experience, and she had no idea of what would ensue to her in the future.

Oxenberg asserted it as a criminal enterprise with a secret society name DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium). Women are treated to be sex slaves who are serviced for the organization’s top officials and Keith.

Recently this 60-year-old leader of the organization is accused of being charged with sex trafficking, racketeering, and child pornography. Although his sentencing is now on 27 October and a strong case has been filed against him.

Some fellow members and the victim of that unacceptable offense stated that the organization forced them to compromise things. Later, they blackmailed them into being forced there into unwanted action. Another name of Allison Mack has come out in the picture, a former member of the organization. He is the man behind the recruitment of Oxenberg into the organization, which turned into self sexual abuse.

Various members of this organization paid millions of dollars to whom they promised them for a better personal development groom.

Oxenberg herself paid $100,000, which all went in vain, and the outcome was so disgraceful.

The organization started to brainwash herself, and she claimed Ranieri as a “Master of manipulation” and a horrible Predator. The way he misused various innocent and unaware women is so repellent.

Her free affirmation is considered a virtuous step to disclose The dirty picturization behind that organization.

Now the people, victim women, and Oxenberg’s family anticipate the court judgment that would be going to schedule on 27 October on Keith Ranieri.

We will notify you whenever we get any latest update on this. 

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