New Book Releases in October 2021 !

October is on its way, and different authors will see so many great New Books Releases. It also brings the bestselling books to the market. There are plenty of young adult fiction books, fantasy, non-fiction, business, travel, exam guides, and other genres that will be fresh on the market!

This month, a slew of new books will dazzle and delight us. Many well-known authors are releasing new novels, as well as debut authors publishing their very first book. This article is meant to help the reader understand which books will be released in October 2021. Information was gathered from Amazon and GoodReads so that some books might be missing from this list. So, here are the latest new books released in October 2021. Inspiring, intriguing, and even frightening–these titles will range from mysteries to romance to social-political exposes. It just engages to show that no matter how much technology expands, there’s still nothing like a book for pure reading pleasure! 

1. Jade Fire Gold

Author: June C.L. Tan 

Description: The Jade Fire Gold book by June C.L Tan is the latest in the market, which contains everything you want to know about how to detect, test, or even find gold. It is easy to understand, not too much jargon and will help you learn how to be self-reliant. The book also lays out basic scientific methods for testing gold content.

2. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (Hardcover)

Author: V.E. Schwab

Description: Addie LaRue was always interested in the ways of magic. After her father’s death, she immerses herself in that world as a way to cope with loss. In her efforts to catch a glimpse of that world, Addie transforms a bookish young woman into something else entirely. This is a chronicle about how magic can impact those closest to it.

3. Savage Hearts 

Author: J.T. Geissinger

Description: Savage Hearts leads us into a world where demons exist alongside humans, living their lives in secret amongst the unsuspecting human populace. At the beginning of this story, King Triton forces the main characters to leave New York. Triton has just found out that the people of Earth are not aware of the existence of Erebus demons who live among them. The only way Triton plans to keep this a secret is to keep all demons far from his land.

4. These Silent Woods

Author: Kimi Cunningham Grant 

Description: These Silent Woods is a Gothic novel by Kimi Cunningham Grant, published in 2014. The book is her sixth novel and second published under the name KC Grant. These Silent Woods takes place in a small town in Massachusetts, where a woman with a dark past returns to seek revenge on those who hurt her as a child.

5. The Color of Dragons

Author: R.A. Salvatore 

Description: The Color of Dragons is about an unlikely hero, not that far from the power curves of the late 1970s Saturday morning cartoons, that takes on a fire spouting dragon in a land called Corona. It’s an unabashedly derivative work, and any reader who picks it up will find themselves chuckling at how closely follows the tropes of its genre. Salvatore has taken standard structure and deliberately worked around it to create something fun and new.

6. Thronebreakers

Author: Rebecca Coffindaffer 

Description: Thronebreakers is a great read for anyone interested in gaming, specifically the lore surrounding the gaming genre. The book contains a lot of humor and feels like reading a satire on some of the issues we face every day- except it’s not a dystopian future. Instead, it’s the arguably less terrifying truth of reigns’ past. You cannot go wrong with this purchase as it will scratch your itch for fantasy and history, all while providing you a fun way to spend.

7. Kingdom of the Cursed

Author: Kerri Maniscalco

Description: Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco is a thrilling novel about a girl who must fight against a cruel ruler who has cursed her kingdom with an ancient prophecy. Set in feudal Japan, her struggles take readers on an adventurous journey as she faces the undead monsters sent by the twisted ruler known as the Demon King.

8. Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World

Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz 

Description: This story discover the Secrets of the Universe is written in verse for young adults. The book includes many poems presented to readers through both Aristotle’s and Dante’s perspectives. Both are best friends whose lives become more different as time goes by. Aristotle and Danto make themselves unique in their ways to cope with the future life.

9. Little Thieves

Author: Margaret Owen 

Description: Little Thief is a story of Helen, who lives on the streets of London with her friend Lily. They are not alone. There are thousands of homeless children living. Each day they fight to stay warm and find food for themselves and their brothers and sisters, who have pretty much given up hope of ever being looked after by their parents or guardians. Lily’s mother is dead. Her father has disappeared, leaving her with no chance of being reunited with him.

10. The Archive of the Forgotten

Author: A.J. Hackwith 

Description: The Archive of the Forgotten is a historical fiction novel set during World War 1. Follows the lives of three intertwined fictional characters from Britain, Germany, and France. The novel’s main characters are Robert Stanton from England, Gustave from France, and August Krichmar in Germany. The author has done an amazing job and it does not disappoint! The plot is intriguing, with plenty of plot twists to keep you reading all day long.

11. Walk Through Fire

Author: Kristen Ashley 

Description: Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley is the newest installment in the Black Dog Riders series. We’re back in Cottonbloom, LA, where we find Sara (our heroine) trying to start over. She’s working at The Creamery, living with her friend Micki and raising her son, Frankie, alone. Sara has no ties to this town other than Micki, so when she gets a call from her best friend Kasey, she isn’t thrilled about leaving the relative safety of her new life.

12. Hidden

Author: P.C. Cast 

Description: Hidden is a young adult dystopian novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, the bestselling House of Night series. Set in a future where benevolence has been “snatched” from the face of the Earth and replaced with androids (gynoids), this novel follows sixteen-year-old android replicant Brenna as she struggles to understand her identity a human-like android amidst the ever-increasing persecution of those that remain genetically human.

13. Broken Playboy

Author: Laura Lee 

Description: Broken Playboy by Laura Lee can be described in one word, “haunting.” The novel tells the story of Hugh Hefner, endearingly portrayed by Jason Biggs, after his entire family was kidnapped and imprisoned by an underground brothel. The novel is entertaining with a great plot end twist.

14. Beyond Vengeance

Author: R.A. Smyth 

Description: Beyond Vengeance by R.A. Smyth started life as an online serial novel. It featured blog entries about the life of Alexandra Ames, a runaway teenage prostitute, and that of her pimp, Dominic Draco. Draco was the villain in the piece who got his just desserts in the end. This is undoubtedly a book worth buying, especially for those who love reading books with crime fiction twists to them.

15. Dangerous Temptation

Author: Giana Darling 

Description: Dangerous Temptation is the newest book in the USA Today Bestselling series, Dangerous Men and the Women Who Love Them. It has been out less than a week, and I have already asked people if they should read it. It takes two to tango. The book is the foremost in a series of short romantic suspense novels. It won awards in the 2015 Reader’s Crown, USA Book News Awards, and Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.

16. Intolerable

Author: Darcy Burke 

Description: Intolerable is published by HQN Books, an imprint of Harlequin. The plot revolves around the McCall brothers, who their uncle raised after their parents were killed in a small town called Salvation, where crime and drug trafficking have now become okay. Nine years after her parent’s death and their escape from Salvation, two siblings Bret and Ashleigh McCall, who now live in the big city, know it is time to go back home and take on the drug lords once and for all. 

17. The Meaning of Love

Author: Stephanie Laurens 

Description: Stephanie Laurens’ THE MEANING OF LOVE is a contemporary romance set against the backdrop of a Korean orphanage. While this isn’t a genre we normally read, we found that you will enjoy it. The characters are likable and have a strong relationship that you can root for. Laurens brings a lot to this novel with a suspenseful twist and a touch of heartbreak, including emotion and reliability.

18. Earl Lessons

Author: Valerie Bowman 

Description: Earl Lessons is the latest from Valerie Bowman. The book is a funny, touching, and inspiring true story of finding oneself despite being raised in an unconventional family on a farm in Saskatchewan.

19. Rules for Heiresses

Author: Amalie Howard 

Description: Rules for Heiresses by Amalie Howard is a potent page-turner that explores the relationship between a mother and her daughter. It tackles the themes of wealth, power, ambition, and love in this modern retelling of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice.

20. The Judge’s List

Author: John Grisham 

Description: John Grisham is one of the majority successful writers of our time. One of his most successful books is A Time to Kill, which the movie adaptation came out in 1996. The movie starred Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, and Oliver Platt. The Judge’s List has also brought John Grisham the movie award of the National Board of Review for Best Film given on January 4th, 2015, due to its social plea of racial tension.

21. Down the Hatch

Author: M.C. Beaton 

Description: In The Judge’s List, John Grisham has crafted a propulsive, tensely atmospheric legal thriller. In1965, newly minted Harvard Law grad Carter Wingfield moved to rural Mississippi, which is as foreign to him as the moon’s dark side. He has been sent there by a mysterious Boston lawyer, an old friend of his father, a retired textile executive. 

22. Last Girl Ghosted

Author: Lisa Unger 

Description: Last Girl Ghosted book is an extraordinary book written by Lisa Unger. This book holds many surprises. Each page will impact the reader to read it more and more. Every character is so different, so real, so alive. So, you feel to be a part of the story. A special thanks to Lisa Unger for making this book possible!

23. Death at Greenway

Author: Lori Rader-Day 

Description: Lori Rader-Day’s novel Death at Greenway is coming in October 2021. The story is about the fictional death of acclaimed local author Anthony Coburn, found dead in Coburn Castle. After leaving the nearby Napa State Hospital, he has made it into his home, where he’d been treated for paranoid schizophrenia. Then the story revolves around Greenway Court, a complex of condominiums; the residents; and the detectives who try to figure it out.

24. Better off Dead

Author: Lee Child 

Description: Better off Dead book by Lee Child has action hero Jack Reacher is one of the best characters in modern crime fiction. The book is the only Jack Reacher book by Lee Child to be written in the third person and not narrated by Jack Reacher himself. Despite that, it is still an excellent read and has given me a new respect for the author.

25. A-Line To Kill

Author: Anthony Horowitz 

Description: A-Line to Kill by Anthony Horowitz is one of the most interesting mystery books I have ever read. This book has very good plot twists with excellent character development. A-Line to Kill by Anthony Horowitz is one of my favorite mystery books. The plot is intriguing, with twists and turns that keep you guessing throughout the entire book.

26. Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Author: M. Robinson 

Description: Meet Me Under The Mistletoe is one of the most famous lesbian romance novels by author M. Robinson. It has been published in both digital and print formats. This novel will be one of the best-selling romance novels of October Month.

27. A Tempest of Tea

Author: Hafsah Faizal 

Description: A Tempest Of Tea is a young adult contemporary fantasy novel written by Hafsah Faizal about an American Muslim teenager finding her way in the world. The story is based in Bayonne, New Jersey. It revolves around Maira, who is sixteen and moves to Bayonne from Detroit with her eight-year-old sister and father after their mother’s passing. She starts developing feelings for a guy named Faraz and later learns she has magical powers!

28. Within These Wicked Walls

Author: Lauren Blackwood 

Description: Within These Wicked Walls is a book by Lauren Blackwood about her time in Holloway Prison in England. This is a benevolent book that has not been written in a long time, and we love these kinds of stories. The fact that it’s beautifully written and that she turned out to be such a well-known author makes the story even better for me.

29. Sever

Author: Caitlyn Dare 

Description: Sever is a fantasy story about Jude, a young girl who moves to a new town. She has chosen the town of Light because that is what her name means in Latin. Her new family is rich, and her dad has just won the lottery. Her dark side has brought up some bad memories for Jude. Written by Caitlyn Dare, this book has you on your toes from cover to cover!

30. Brutal Boys on Devils Night

Author: Daniela Romero 

Description: The Brutal Boys on Devil’s Night book by Daniela Romero is different from any other book about children. It has a story of its own that every kid will enjoy reading. The story of a Christmas bike ride is a short read that packs a powerful message. Daniela uses fantasy and reality to explore the true meaning of Christmas. What begins as a scary night out with friends ends in an unexpected journey.

31. Savage Rivals

Author: Becca Steele 

Description: The Cult of Theodore Roosevelt and the Flawed Legacy of American Empire by Becca Steele is about Theodore Roosevelt, his imperialistic foreign policies, and how they impacted the United States. It was such a well-written and researched book that many people automatically assumed that it was endorsed by the National Park Service, which it wasn’t.

32. Where Echoes Lie

Author: Shannon Schuren 

Description: Author Shannon Schuren presents an intriguing story of age-old family feuds and the secrets that will remain unless one courageous woman is willing to face her fears and dig for the truth. Where Echoes Lie book synopsis: A fantasy novel told through the eyes of its heroine, Valora. Valora is on a quest to recover her memories stolen by an evil Death Mage, but along the way, she learns that nothing is as it seems.

33. The Playbook

Author: K.G. Reuss

Description: “The Playbook” is about building a SaaS business from scratch, written by K.G. Reuss. Before writing this article, we have read numerous books by successful entrepreneurs, including Eric Ries, Steve Blank, and Alex Osterwalder. Still, none of them has presented me with such an interesting “behind the scenes” look at the challenges of running a SaaS business like “The Playbook” did.

34. Tiny Dark Deeds

Author: Eden O’Neill 

Description: Entertainer and novelist Eden O’Neill now bring us a new addition to the successful Blackbird Sisters series, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you: Tiny Dark Deeds. With each installment she produces, Eden continues to build upon her extensive knowledge of all things paranormal and supernatural.

35. Dark Reign

Author: Amelia Wilde 

Description: Dark Reign is a book by Amelia Wilde that will keep you on the edge of your rump until you turn the last page. It is about a woman named Emily who has lost everything and has no one to turn to. She starts on a journey to find out more about her family and discovers secrets she hoped would stay hidden forever.

36. Corrode

Author: Sarah Bailey  

Description: Corrode is the first novel by Sarah Bailey. The book is an introduction of two characters who live in different worlds. Elizabeth (Beth) Hoffman, who lives in modern times, and Andreas Reichenbach lived during the 16th century. Corrode was written to deliver the message about how important it is to save our planet!

37. Why We Fly

Author: Kimberly Jones 

Description: ‘Why We Fly’ is an inspiring book written by Kimberly Jones. Kimberly is a forty-two-year-old mother of two who has Lupus. She has been flying commercially for over twenty years with Lupus, Asthma, Microscopic Polyarthritis, and asthma. She also suffers from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that stems from an abusive past.

38. The Gilded Cage

Author: Lynette Noni 

The Gilded Cage, by Lynette Noni, is an exciting dystopian novel that packs an emotional punch; it will stick with you for days. We love how the reader slips into the character’s mind and hears her inner thoughts. It is Clio Mournival’s seventeen stories, who lives in an unthinkably perfect city called Demise. 

39. Winter Roses after Fall

Author: R.H. Sin 

Description: Winter Roses after Fall by R.H. Sin is a book in which he recorded everything he saw and heard worldwide, including his feelings and experience, with full empathy in his blog. He has been doing this ever since because he has been someone people found hard to get through. He then tells his experience of traveling into the past and meeting himself.

40. Wicked Knight

Author: Tracy Lorraine 

Description: Wicked Knight is the story of Rhys Donavan. At 18, he’s already lost his brother, his world, and most of all, himself. He’s hardened himself to the bitter world. After stealing the treasure map his brother left behind, he travels with his mother to their new country home in Somerset, England. 

41. All That Is Secret

Author: Patricia Raybon 

Description: In All That Is Secret, award-winning author Patricia Raybon explores all we do not know about death and dying. Drawing on her years of enduring as a hospice social worker, she presents a portrait of the end of life as a time for self-discovery and reflection. As she writes, There is a secret at the end of life…it may reveal itself to us. 

42. Red Sin

Author: Aleatha Romig 

Description: The main character in Red Sin, Aleatha Romig’s novel, is the billionaire Devin Stark. It’s no secret that this is a novel we enjoyed reading. Who wouldn’t? The story has plenty of twists, turns, and secrets to keep the reader guessing until the very last word. What we appreciated most about it was how realistic the story was. Unlike so many other novels full of implausible twists or unrealistic characters, Romig’s novel deals with characters you could find in everyday life. 

43. Fallen Royal

Author: Rachel Van Dyken 

Description: Fallen Royal by Rachel Van Dyken can be a marvelous book. Reading this book is pleasant and always brings the experience of reading the book. This story is very popular with young adults, but the fiction genre novel has a favorite in adults. In Fallen Royal, Rachel Van Dyken has created a beautiful, heartwarming love story between a prince and a commoner. However, the prince is a man ruled by his duties and political loyalty rather than passion.

44. Three Sisters

Author: Heather Morris

Description: The Three Sisters by Heather Morris is one of his amazing collections regarding crime thrillers. Moreover, Heather Lynne Morris is a poet, writer, and performance artist. Her first book of poetry, Mapping the Interior, was published by Concordia University Press in 2007 and shortlisted for the 2008 Dorothy Livesay Lyrical Prize. We hope that it will be the best book of October 2021.


With hundreds of new book releases happening in October 2021, finding books you haven’t read yet. This makes it hard to retain up with all your favorite authors and genres too. That’s why we decided to do a deep dive into this month and pulled out the best of the best. Thank you so much for rendering our article about New Book Releases in October 2021 in Goodreads. If you are delighted with it, please share it with your friends! You can also connect with me on social media, or you can leave a comment below.

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