The Complete List of New York Times Fiction Best Sellers !

The Complete List of NY Times Fiction Best Sellers is a fun and easy read. It’s similar to the movie’s eye chart picture, but for books. The chart is in alphabetical order of authors. It gives you the top 15 books from this month’s New York Times bestsellers list. You will enjoy these books. In addition, this list gives you an overall perspective of the most popular books at any given time based on sales, popularity, etc.

The newspaper has rated and ranked these books on the New York Times Fiction Best Seller list. The lists are updated weekly and reflect sales from the previous Wednesday through Tuesday. 

Moreover, the best sellers list won’t always have a new number one each week. When this happens, it is habitually due to two factors. The country’s largest retailer of books has a very large ad budget for one specific book (Harry Potter, Eragon). 

If that book has just come out in paperback version. It will sell very well and appear on the top spot of the NY Times Best Sellers list. Moreover, the New York Times Fiction Best-Sellers List is one of the favorite resources of genuine readers. 

It’s so wonderful for you to discover new authors and old favorites. Above all, you will fall in love over and over again. With the amazing characters that pop up in these stories. So without more ado, here is The Complete List of New York Times Best Sellers.

1. The Last Thing He Told ME by Laura Dave 

The Last Thing He Told ME by Laura Dave is a romantic novel in LA. Moreover, it was a book you will enjoy and opened your eyes to Laura Dave. She is new as an author, but her writing style is mature.

This book is from both perspectives. It is up to the reader to determine when this story takes place. We chose this book because of the mystery aspect it had. Above all, it is a story about a mother and her son, Mike. He was born with a disorder that no doctor has ever seen before. Mike doesn’t have any cranial nerves, so he cannot speak or hear. 

This book enlightened how you view things in my life–in relationships and even with family. It teaches things about sacrifice and how much we want to be happy, and it helps us see that sometimes we need to give up what makes us happy now to create something amazing later.

2. The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller

The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller is a book for writers (particularly YA writers) but can be read by anyone. In it, the author gives her struggles and her own experiences growing up with writing and reading. She uses a lot of metaphors to relate what she means and follows them with real-world examples. The Paper Palace is the digital scrapbook of Miranda Cowley Heller, a freelance designer living in New York City. She will be sharing her favorite things, easy DIYs, and lots of inspiration to help you put all of your memories in a beautiful scrapbook.

Moreover, this book is about the society we live in. It’s about those who are not on top, the underprivileged. It’s a must for any political science major and education students passionate about social equity and reform. The book is fundamentally based on the author’s own experiences at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, USA, where she worked as a teacher to black children.

3. Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena

Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena is a crime fiction novel. The New York Times bestseller by author Shari Lapena introduced readers to her brilliant and fearless character, Angela Rossi. The novel is about the bond between a mother and daughter. How complicated it can be and how people who fall into this category cannot seem to help themselves. 

The bond between human and child is embedded within the brain is a protective measure, but to what end? The book “Not A Happy Family” by Shari Lapena will help you find the answers to these questions and many others. This book is about a dysfunctional Jewish family with secrets and a hidden past.

The main characters are the children of the family – Benjamin, Sarah, Daniel, and their parents – Simon and Charlotte. All of them have plans in their closet that seem to be coming back to haunt them. The mother suspected FBI involvement while the father was trying to find out who had killed his parents in South Africa forty years ago.

4. Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Malibu Rising is a book by American novelist Taylor Jenkins Reid. The book follows the story of Krista, a television journalist who quits her job. It embarks on a trip to find herself and her soul mate through some far-off lands. It also documents her relationship with her grandmother, who has dementia, and her father’s death. The book is for its honest portrayal of love within its different facets. The New York Post calling it “the most realistic depiction of love. 

In addition, the book stays close to its setting and doesn’t leave the real world behind as it takes the reader on an enthusiastic journey filled with twists and tragedy. “Malibu Rising” is one of the captivating novels written by Taylor Jenkins Reid. 

5. The Cellist by Daniel Silva

The Cellist, by Daniel Silva, is a contemporary spy novel that captures the present-day global atmosphere of espionage in the Middle East. It is the first book of a new series after the main character Gabriel Allon. The book deals with terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and renewed hatred between Israel and its enemies. The Cellist By Daniel Silva is a thriller. 

In the book, Gabriel Allon is an art restorer and a spy for the Israeli government. He investigates a terrorist threat, which leads to uncovering an international conspiracy. The plot is engaging as the characters possess heightened aptitude and are experts in their respective fields. The Cellist is the latest best-selling book by New York Times best-selling author Daniel Silva. It’s a spy thriller that takes readers into the world of Israeli agents and the machinations of Syrian intelligence officials and their terrorist allies in Lebanon.

6. Black Ice by Brad Thor

In Brad Thor’s new conspiracy novel Black Ice, the narrative opens with a former women’s ice-hockey player, Dominique Kohl, dead on a patch of ice. Black Ice (2012) by Brad Thor is an action-packed political thriller and the fourth in the Scot Harvath series. The story sees our hero Scot Harvath striking out against a group of terrorists who have hijacked a missile. 

When the terrorists launch it in Pakistan, Scot must track down who was behind it and prevent more from happening. Black Ice is a novel by Brad Thor, the author of Hidden Order and True Colors. The novel has so far received positive reviews from critics and has become NY Times Best Sellers. It is a political thriller. It is different from all of Brad’s previous novels as it explores mystery, suspense, war, and foreign policy elements. In this novel, Thor compares the Cold War era with the US’s present struggle against terrorism.

7. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig is an exquisite mystery novel about a professor of book history who stumbles on an unpublished manuscript lodged in a library, written by a young girl. The idea for The Midnight Library began in 2008, once Matt had finished writing The Last Family in England. Eventually, after making slow progress and getting nowhere with it, he put that idea aside, intending to come back to it later. 

He recounts a childhood when he didn’t want to go to bed and discovered the importance of books and imagination. It will reflect the life and philosophy of the author as he travels through Scotland. The book inspire more people to read their books instead of using modern technology.

8. The President’s Daughter by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

The President’s Daughter by Bill Clinton is another New York Times bestseller. Moreover, the book has top ratings on Amazon due to its story about a teenager who is the United States’ daughter president. She gets kidnapped and is the only person who can solve a mystery left by her mother that no one else can solve. According to the book, she trained since the age of 6 by her father. 

We rate this book a 4 star read because of its interesting premise and unexpected twist at the end. By the way, if you require to try out as an author like Bill Clinton and will be looking for a book publisher, here is our recommended list of excellent book publishers. 

Presidential historians Bill Clinton and James Patterson have come together to create an incredible thriller, with the riveting plot twists, ominous villains, and page-turning suspense that have won both President Clinton and writer James Patterson widespread acclaim. It’s a real race against time for America’s only child in this novel that takes you to the edge of your seat! It is a novel that will fascinate you in its twists and turns.

9. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir is another NY Times bestseller. Andy Weir is a self-published author from Los Angeles with his debut novel, “The Martian.” Ever since its first publication in 2011, the book has become one of the best-selling books in science fiction and has sold 20 million copies worldwide. The movie adaptation of “The Martian” came out in autumn 2015, starring Matt Damon as Mark Watney. Developed the ‘Hail Mary’ space propulsion system for starships when he was less than a year out from finishing his engineering degree. 

That same year, two days before graduating, he’s attacked outside a bar by several men, breaking both his legs in the process. Unable to drive due to his wounds and unable to graduate without taking his final class (which he couldn’t take without walking), he did the only thing he could think of: Developed another propulsion system using water rockets, which ended up working and allowed him to graduate on time.

10. The Maidens by Alex Michaelides

The Maidens are the debut novel by Alex Michaelides. The book received a huge amount of independent media attention, especially from the Guardian, with whom Alex has had regular interviews. He also did an excellent Q&A session with a Reddit AMA. 

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides is a psychological thriller that will evoke strong emotions in its readers. The book tells a young woman, Elara, whose brother passed away on an island. Her three male friends decide to honor his memory and go to the same island he passed away. 

It is an exciting, compelling, and page-turned thriller that will make you sit up and take notice. This is a unique novel that will keep you thinking long after reading the very last sentence.

11. The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah brings with it memories of watching the first moments of the world. While this might make you feel young again, you don’t have to feel this way unless you want to. The technologies and lifestyles of people today are so very advanced compared to the early part of the 20th century. 

At first glance, things seem so distant and far out of reach. The only thing we can seemingly touch is the ground beneath our feet. The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah is a poignantly touching novel that has breathed life into a certain part of America’s past. It is an absorbing novel about family, loss, love, forgiveness, and a whole lot of grit and determination. Its legacy is to show that forgiveness can be found when you look beyond the surface. It is worth watching, and worth reading.

12. Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

As an author, Elin Hilderbrand’s highly successful career has been one of the important aspects of American literature. Her book Golden Girl released on 4th February 2015, is certainly one of those books that have opened up a range of responses among her fans and other readers. 

This novel is a summer read book you might want to set aside for the second half of the year. The novel, called Golden Girl, is about a sixty-four-year-old woman who was once an Olympic-level swimmer. She has been involved in many colorful happenings during her sixty years on this planet. Her life story spans decades with complicated family history and mystery behind it all—the perfect blend of high-stakes drama and emotional attachment.

It has readers clamoring for more from the literary genius. It is number twelve on the New York Times bestsellers list.

13. Sooley by John Grisham 

If you are a supporter of John Grisham’s work, you will love his novel – Sooley. Though it is not about the law in any way, it has everything that makes John Grisham such a great storyteller: fast action, real characters, and unexpected plot twists. The novel is written from the perspective of Clete Bowles, a teenager who, though he is haunted by a hard past and an acting out young adulthood, discovers a way to make things work for him after all. 

As the book progresses, we are drawn into Clete’s mind as he shares his thoughts on life and how he came to the place where he is today. It is a must-read for all legal thriller theme lovers. The book is extremely compelling from the very beginning itself till the end. Sooley by John Grisham has been written interestingly. That’s why it ranked in the NY Times bestsellers list.

14. The invisible life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

The invisible life of Addie LaRue is a novel by v. e. Schwab. He is an award-winning author. Addie LaRue is a girl who cannot be seen, at least not by the naked eye. She’s been invisible for many years, and she has learned to live with it. She can only be seen through reflections or with high-tech equipment. But one day, she witnesses the attempted murder of Katie banks, a classmate, and has to determine what to do with the data she gathered.

There are some things in life you don’t tell people. Not because they won’t believe you, but because words tend to fail when conveying certain aspects of life. Memory loss is one of those things. It is the downfall for Addie LaRue, the main character of the invisible life of Addie LaRue: about getting older, the world at war, magic attacks that erase your memory.

15. The Personal Librarian by Marie benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray

Marie Benedict has created a new novel called the personal librarian, which she’s co-authored with victoria Christopher Murray, an author. He has written several novels and plays and won awards for her teenage literature works. The personal librarian is a fantastic read for three distinct reasons. 

The first being that it is a well-written historical fiction novel. Secondly, it is an honest, emotionally charged novel about the civil rights movement and the strength of love in the African-American community. Thirdly, it is a book that flips the narrative about black women in history from serving as the help to being the help-getter and therefore refuses to perpetuate negative stereotypes about black women. 

For these reasons and more, we think what Marie benedict and victoria Christopher Murray have accomplished with this novel screams out for recognition as one of the best works of fiction set in the civil rights era ever. 

The personal librarian brings to life the complexities of serving as a research librarian at an elite college and the lifelong friendship that blooms between two women who first meet as young undergraduates. 


The New York Times bestsellers list has been around since 1942. And is one of the book world’s most recognizable and controversial lists of fiction favorites. These days amazon breaks out their bestseller list (also a blast from the past to remember the time before online booksellers). But neither indicates that these books are taken from print sales only. The NY Times bestsellers list is also a somewhat interesting case due to its relatively new e-book section as a sub-category, but only how many print copies were sold to be named to the list.

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