Check Out Trailer for ‘Trial 4’ Reveals Netflix Docuseries About a Man Unjustly Convicted of Murder!

The trailer for the upcoming documentary Trial 4, recently launched by Netflix, will premiere on November 11. In the 8-episode series, Sean K.Ellis lived in prison for 22 years after being unjustly convicted of murdering Boston Police Detective John Mulligan.

When Ellis was 19, he was put on trial three times within a year before he was convicted of Murder in 1993. His lawyers and supporters have long stated that Ellis was the victim of a police conspiracy. He was merely a convenient victim to blame a crime that corrupt Boston investigators preferred to solve soon.

Moreover, The three detectives involved in the case were later convicted on federal extortion charges, containing falsifying warrants and robbing suspects at gunpoint.

Ellis was liberated in 2015 after uninjured evidence surfaced dealing with his case. However, he still confronted the chance of a fourth trial that could potentially land him again in jail for the Murder of Detective Mulligan. “Trial 4″ entails an investigation into Ellis’s prior conviction and preparation for a possible fourth trial, with questioning Ellis himself and almost everyone accused in the case since 1993.

The director of Trial 4 is Rémy Burkel and executive produced by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. Like The Staircase, Trial 4 takes an incredibly in-depth glance into the justice system’s miserable failures and abuses. After a year of unrest against police violence and systemic racism, Ellis’s story seems more topical than ever. Check out the Trial 4 trailer below. Trial 4 will launch on Netflix on November 11.

‘Trial 4’ reveals docuseries about Ellis, who improperly accused of Murder. Stay tuned with Best Toppers for the latest news! 

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