Land of Women Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates You Need To Know!

Apple TV + recently ordered an adaptation of Sandra Barneda’s bestselling novel Land of Women, and the series plot has got quite the attention. Created and Written by Ramon Campos (Now and Then) and Gema Neira, the upcoming show will star Eva Longoria (The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder) and Carmen Maura playing the mother-daughter duo.

With the series set to be produced in English and Spanish, this might be the Apple Tv + production we have been waiting for. The series explores the life of a woman who is left distraught after her husband brings calamity to the household. Going back to the land they are not welcomed in, the duo faces tough times.

Land of Women Season 1 Release Date:

 A release date for the Eva Longoria series is yet to be set, but at least we know that the series is already in development. Filming started in Spain a while back, and the series will be better than you thought. The creators and showrunners are producing both the Spanish and the English versions of the show, and you will now have to use subtitles only if you choose to. Apple has ordered six episodes of the TV show, and the earliest we can expect their premier is in 2022

Land of Women Season 1 Plot:

The series Land of Women explores the life of a wife, a mother and a daughter who have to flee what they have called home forever to a deserted place they vowed never to return to. Gala, a mum who adores her children and her husband, has her life falling apart when her husband makes the worst mistake of his life; manhandling other resources.

Soon enough, people get wind of his illegal business, and Gala has to take her mother and daughter and flee n back to their hometown, a place they left fifty years ago. Fleeing a small town, soon word starts going around, and before the duo realizes, they are in more trouble than they were initially. Past secrets are revaeled, and Gala dos no longer know what to believe in and where to hide in.

Land of Women Season 1 Cast:

The upcoming series has a studded cast starting with Eva Longoria, a phenomenal woman who has made a name for herself in Hollywood. She rose to fame from her role as Gabrielle in the Desperate Housewives TV show and has been doing great ever since. In this series, she will be cast as Gala, the woman who deals with the consequences of his husband’s actions.

Carmen Maura will play Gala’s Mother; a woman forced to return to the place she never vowed fifty years ago. The casts yet to be mentioned are Gala’s daughter and her husband and all gang members pursuing Gala after her husband messes with their lives. The series cast will be updated when we receive the official updates.

Land of Women Season 1 Trailer:

As of August 2002, Apple is yet to release the series trailer, and sadly it won’t be coming anytime soon. Filming started recently, and since it is being produced in both English and Spanish, it might take a while before we see either a trailer or a teaser of the dramedy show.

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