CW’s Naomi: Release Date, Starring, Plot Trailer, and Everything That You Don’t Want To Miss!

Are you a lover of Superhero stories? DC comics is currently working on a superhero series christened Naomi, which follows a young girl and her hero journey. Even though not much is known about the series since its shooting began a few months ago, we can confidently tell that it is based on the comic books series named Naomi.

Once released, it will join the growing library of DC Comics movies such as The Suicide Squad, Joker, Superman v Batman and Justice League. It is currently being produced by Array Film works and Warner Brow Television. We have managed to discover some additional information about the series that we would like to share with you even as we await its release. 

Naomi Release Date: When will it hit the screens?

All we know is that this superhero film is set to drop in 2022. We didn’t find the exact date and can’t, therefore, clearly point out when DC Comics lovers should expect it on their screens. 

All we know is that Ava Duvernay was reported to be developing a series for The CW, Naomi, which was co-written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker on December 4, 2020. 

The pilot order for the production was given on February 9, 2021, by CW, and by May 24, 2021, it picked it up to series. We can also confirm that DuVernay wrote the pilot, directed by Amanda Marsalis. 

The principal photography of this series commenced on August 23, 2021, in Georgia, with Cliff Charles as the cinematographer and DeMane Davis as the series director. 

Naomi Cast: Who will appear?

This series has several worthy characters who you should look out for. Kaci Walfall stars as Naomi, the girl who the series is based on. Other cast members are Mary-Charles Jones as Annabelle, Alexander Wraith as Dee, Daniel Puig as Nathan, Cranston Johnson as Zumbado, Will Meyers as Anthony, Aidan Gemme as Jacob, Camila Moreno as Lourdes, and Mouzam Makkar as Jennifer. Also, expect to see Barry Watson acting as Greg. 

Naomi Expected Plot: What will happen?

The entire series focuses on Naomi McDuffle, acted by Jack Walfall. It follows her life journey as she discovers the origins of a supernatural event that wrecks her hometown. This journey takes her to the ‘heights of the Universe’ as she goes through her high school life and learns her origin. 

You can also read the DC Comic book Naomi to learn more about what to expect when the series drops. Not much is known about the number of episodes, given that we barely even know the movie’s exact release date. We only know of the pilot written by Ava DuVernay and directed by Amanda Marsalis. 

Naomi Trailer: When can we watch?

Fans were treated to a first glimpse at the series at a small session on Naomi at DC FanDome via Warner Bros. TV. Naomi, played by Walfall, is about to give a presentation in class when she receives word that Superman has landed nearby. Naomi hurries off on her skateboard, eager to witness this firsthand, but she is overtaken by a peculiar sensation before she can reach the town square. Fortunately, she manages to catch a glimpse of Superman from Superman And Lois before collapsing. Below is a link to the trailer:

Naomi seems to have a distinct style from other Arrowverse shows, based on this first look. This stands to reason, given that it was created by a different creative team and sticks out from the others. With this and Stargirl, the Arrowverse seems to be entering a new era of series with distinct personalities. When Naomi premieres sometime next year, fans will be able to see how she fits into the realm of superhero television.

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