Hulu’s Vacation Friends 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot Trailer, and Everything That You Want To Know!

Vacations Friends was originally intended to be a 20th Century Fox movie featuring Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. However, it was stuck in development until 2019, where it was later announced that John Cena, Meredith Hanger, and Lil Rey Howery would join the cast. Yvonne Orji later joined Clay Target taking over as director. Vacation Friends was then made an exclusive Hulu movie. 

The first season dropped on August 27, 2021, and followed the characters Emily(Yvonne Orji) and Marcus( Lil Rey Howery) on their vacation, where the flooding of their hotel ruined Marcus’ engagement plans. It is currently streaming on Hulu and has received mixed reviews ever since it was dropped. Let’s see what we know about Vacation Friends Season 2 and whether it will come out. 

Will there be a Second Season of Vacation Friends?

Vacation Friends performed exceedingly well, becoming the most-watched original film in its opening weekend on Hulu. We can therefore assume a second season based on this terrific performance. The sequel is expected to reunite the main cast and producer, Todd Garner. 

This is good news for fans all over the world who enjoyed watching this series. Let’s take a look at the cast, released date, and plot for the second season. 

Vacation Friends 2 Release Date: When will it be out?

Even though we are in the dark at the moment, we can expect the sequel to come out in late 2023. We hope that production is currently in the works. 

The directors need a year or one and a half to develop the story. 

Vacation Friends 2 Upcoming Plot: What should we expect from Season 2?

Even though the ending of the first season of Vacation Friends does not directly suggest a sequel, it leaves the fate of the second season in the hands of the director and writer. It can go in any direction. 

We may see a continuation of Ron, Marcus, Kyla, and Emily’s story after jumping off the cliff and what happens during their second Mexico vacation. 

We shouldn’t expect a marriage in the sequel since Ron and Kyla’s wedding happens in the first installment. We should expect the director and his team to keep the holiday theme, so we may see Ron and Kyla inviting Marcus and Emily to the Oregon National Cave Memorial. 

Vacation 2’s story may also go the ‘The Hangover franchise’ way and focus on the next planned vacation that will see the couple together once more. 

Vacation Friends 2 Cast: Who will appear?

We can expect the four main stars to return. Since the movie ends with Emily, Marcus, Kyla, and Ron together in Mexico after Ron and Kyla’s wedding, Vacation 2 can’t be the same without them. Therefore, expect John Cena, Yvonne Orji, Meredith Hanger, and Lil Rey Howery to star together again. 

Vacation Friends 2 Trailer: When can we watch?

Since there hasn’t been any official news regarding this series ever since the first season dropped, we don’t have a second-season trailer yet. However, you can trust us to keep you informed if one comes out soon. 

However, here is a trailer of the first season that should help you predict what will happen in the sequel:

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