Lil Baby Responds To Adult Star Ms. London, Exposing Him Cheating On Jayda!

Sometimes it becomes more challenging to be in Limelight all the time as all your private life comes to the public, even your every single move.
Although there are quite numerous rumor’s that catch fire when you are always the town’s talk, it sometimes comes out to be accurate. The same is happening with the Atlanta rapper Lil baby, who comes under pressure when adult Star Plus London exposes him as alleging that he cheated on Jayda.
His fans wonder if their favorite is cheating on his girlfriend or just another rumor about him.

So Atlanta rapper, often known as Dominique Jones, circulated rumours that he is cheating on Jayda Cheaves (her girlfriend).
You might see both of them in an on-off relationship as they appeared together in many music videos even they welcomed their child last February 2019, whom they named Loyal Armani.

Despite having so a traumatising relationship, they never talked publicly about the relationship in their off period time in February 2020. When Jayda was asked about their complicated relation, she added that we are still together. However, we are not in a typical relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, but we are still together for our kid for his excellent upbringing.
But a current rumour has become worse to an extent as it affects both of the lives. Even though Lil baby responded to Mrs. London’s claim, it got out of hand now!!

Jayda openly urges people by her Twitter account to stop trying such drama on them. As they are not romantically and emotionally attached but only in each other lives for their kid. So she doesn’t want people to drag her into this Lib controversy with Ms. London.

What’s the claim?

Actually, in the past few days, Atlanta rapper Lil baby had celebrated his 26th birthday with his girlfriend Jayda. On the same night, Ms. London claimed that she had a sexually romantic night with this rapper where he paid her $16000 for having an adult night together.

Even Ms. London shared their conversation on social media, where she disclosed the details of that night with this Atlanta native.
Although a proper name is not mentioned in her tweets, she only hinted by dropping a statement that “Not dropping no names but Jayda Cheaves not leaving this man ever.” So everyone got to know that this is indirectly a direct indication to Lil Baby.

When this news caught fire all over the media, then Lil baby responded to her tweet and back-bound her statement by saying that she was doing this only for ” Clout.”

Further, he added that he got it!! As the tweet had been deleted. He also pointed to her saying my name, and got clout. Why are you all (people) being so desperate about it??

In this fire controversy, Ms. London shared the screenshot of their DMs, where she claimed that the other side was Lil baby.
You can easily detect that he is chastising this adult star for outing him in the screenshots and talked about alleged payment for an entire night.

In between this controversy, Jayda openly comes up on her Twitter handle by tweeting that “See that’s why it’s best just to shut and chill because as soon as you pour a little happiness over the internet, few are like ‘aht aht’ I’m very tired of this shit.”

She further added that if this happens, then what the point of making it a drama and getting it louder?? This is more f*** me up. Like people are not players, not at all. Everything is publicised.

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