Top 20 Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence, Ranked !

Films are more than just explosions and superpower blockbusters, and it’s the main idea behind the movie that changes people and puts the viewer’s head in a notion. The big difference between films and books, which is visualization, is also a reason for the effectiveness of films. Visual content shows content that registers rapidly in comparison with the book to our visual stimuli. This is why you spend hours reading a book rather than on YouTube. In addition, films help create concrete graphics that help people keep the idea longer. Films are the perfect medium for learning an idea or first plunging into a topic.

In this age, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are popular words. And it is more significant than ever to know what it is and its value in the next few years. While Hollywood movies tend to overdo dramatic effects, such as the movie Terminator, where SKYNET killer robots are sensitive, and human destruction begins, these movies still have certain truths. Today, experts in the field are afraid of a super-smart AI that will outsmart us to wipe us off the earth’s surface.

On the other facet of the spectrum, AI is portrayed as a miracle invention. This intelligent machine is much better able to carry out analytical tasks like simulations and predictions. From the side-kick in space adventures to the lover, you see AI as a help to people and help us do all kinds of tasks. If you’re interested or can’t know what to do in your own country during the COVID-19 storm, see below our list of Top 20 Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence and enjoy them.

Which is the best movie about Artificial Intelligence of all time streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

The Sci-fi/action 1984 movie The Terminator is the best movie about Artificial Intelligence that streams on Amazon Prime with 100% Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Is there any good robot movie available on Netflix?

Robocop (1987) is the best robot movie on Netflix 90% Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

1. Blade Runner (1982)

IMDb Rating:8.1
Genre:Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director:Ridley Scott
Cast:Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young
Rotten Tomatoes:90%
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video, Vudu

The future has always been an unknown concept, one that many would like to predict. The thought of what the world will look like even a few decades from now have driven many sci-fi stories and best movies about AI. One such movie is Blade Runner (1982). Blade Runner is a classical dystopian film in which bio-engineered replicas of AI-powered human beings live with real people and only live four years among them. Blade Runner 2049 also follows the movie, a great movie that delves into the subject of AI and its future even more deeply.

2. Westworld (1973)

IMDb Rating:7.0
Genre:Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director:Michael Crichton
Cast:Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, James Brolin
Rotten Tomatoes:88%
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video, JustWatch

Have you ever suspected the nature of your reality? If you have, then you’re certainly not alone. Several people have questioned when watching the Westworld movie. Even though more than 40 years old, the concept in Westworld is still pretty much up-to-date. Westworld is among the best AI movies and tells us about how AI can enjoy us and enable us to experience our fantasies. It reminds us of the good line between technology and ethics and questions us.

3. 2001: Space Odyssey

IMDb Rating:8.3
Genre:Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director:Stanley Kubrick
Cast:Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester
Rotten Tomatoes:92%
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

In the year 2001, the movie world saw one of its most memorable science fiction films. More than 50 years after its release, director Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is still believed by many as one of the greatest science fiction films ever made, so much that many have declared it the “greatest film ever made. On a spacecraft going to Jupiter, the HAL 9000 is responsible for most operations that lead to terrible events when it falls and decides to destroy the world. As HAL kills the crew one by one, the dangers of AI taking control of our world and taking into account its effects are remembered.

4. Moon (2009)

IMDb Rating:7.8
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Director:Duncan Jones
Cast:Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott
Rotten Tomatoes:90%
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

The Moon (2009) is like 2001: Space Odyssey, as this film has a HAL 9000 of its own, called GERTY. GERTY is Sam Bell’s machine and companion, Moon astronaut. When his term on the Moon ends, he encounters an accident and his younger self. Apart from the philosophical and thoughtful scenes, the film’s minimalist quality makes it one of the best science fiction and best AI movies of all time.

5. The Matrix (1999)

IMDb Rating:8.7
Genre:Action, Sci-Fi
Director:Lana Wachowski
Cast:Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss
Rotten Tomatoes:88%
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

The Matrix is the essential dystopia in which the fear of superintelligent AI is made a reality in humanity. In the story, Neo met Morpheus, who set him free from simulation, in the simulation of reality generated by AI, to keep us subdued; he started a new section in his life where he struggles with intelligence, in the form of the secret actors and discovers his true identity. The Matrix offers us an insight into the dreadful future of AI’s dark side and a few life lessons to be considered.

6. Star Wars (1977)

IMDb Rating:8.6
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director:George Lucas
Cast:Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher
Rotten Tomatoes:92%
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar

The renowned Star Wars droid duo — the beloved C3-PO and his friend the droid R2D2 — are sentient AI droids with human personalities and emotions. Interestingly, they are treated as pets or slaves. This is similar to a relationship between a dog and a man unless the dog speaks and expresses his opinions. In this study of Star Wars’ Artificial Intelligence, we think about how they will be integrated into our company and how society in the future will treat the AI either as helpers, pets, friends, or not.

7. Star Trek: Generations (1994)

IMDb Rating:6.6
Genre:Action, Adventure, Mystery
Director:David Carson
Cast:Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Malcolm McDowell
Rotten Tomatoes:47%
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video

Generations is a very appealing and somewhat enthralling film, which can presumably maintain your interest all through it. Lieutenant Commander Data, a conscious android senior official onboard the USS Enterprise, is the AI star. Also equipped with an emotion chip, this AI-powered super brain simulates human emotions. Star Trek makes Data a human droid that feels like ourselves, but with a sophisticated brain that can better calculate risks than any human.

8. The Terminator (1984)

IMDb Rating:8.0
Genre:Action, Sci-Fi
Director:James Cameron
Cast:Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn
Rotten Tomatoes:100%
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

The Terminator is one of the most successful movies about AI in depicting a world where AI turns evil and begins to kill everybody. It shows the chance that AI can become a threat to existence. This film sends a cyborg assassin (The Terminator) back in Skynet, an AI system that sparks a nuclear holocaust to prevent John Connor from engendering him who sparks a rebel that fights Skynet. This time travel film is a memory of creating a safe AI and thinking twice about developing an AI that can wipe us away.

9. Robocop (1987)

IMDb Rating:7.5
Genre:Action, Crime, Sci-Fi
Director:Paul Verhoeven
Cast:Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O’Herlihy
Rotten Tomatoes:90%
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video, JustWatch

Robocop is one of the best movies about Robots taking over all the AI’s ethics. Robocop is a mixture of IA and human beings, showing that morals and ethics cannot be automated or artificial. Our underlying humanity must still be part of the equation, or it will have consequences. These concerns are armoring AI (lethal autonomous weapons) in the military and why AI rules should be introduced to avoid AI abuse.

10. Wall-E (2008)

IMDb Rating:8.4
Genre:Animation, Adventure, Family
Director:Andrew Stanton
Cast:Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin
Rotten Tomatoes:95%
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video

WALL-E is the essence of Artificial Narrow Intelligence, but not as complex as those in the film (WALL-E can be emotions such as loneliness and love). Narrow AI is a very good intelligent system for doing a particular thing. We see it today in our regular lives, such as self-driving vehicles and voice helpers. This film cleans waste from WALL-E, searches for life from EVE and autopilots from the ship. WALL-E is one of the rare films in science fiction which shows the bright side of AI and the bonuses it can bring to the world.

11. Ex Machina (2014)

IMDb Rating:7.7
Genre:Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director:Alex Garland
Cast:Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac
Rotten Tomatoes:92%
Currently streaming on:Vudu, Amazon Prime Video

Ex Machina is one of the best movies about AI created by Caleb Smith. The film is about a computer programmer who wins a competition to spend a week at the private mountain estate of Nathan Bateman, the CEO of the world’s largest Internet company. When he arrives at the remote facility, Nathan (Moon Knight star: Oscar Isaac) tells him that he will have to participate in a strange experiment or leave: the outcome of which could change the course of humanity. This film raises ethical attention on treating and experimentation with self-aware robots such as Ava, which leads to a dark ending.

12. Chappie (2015)

IMDb Rating:6.8
Genre:Action, Crime, Drama
Director:Neill Blomkamp
Cast:Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman
Rotten Tomatoes:32%
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

One of the most anticipated AI movies in recent history has now come out, and it’s time to discover what the movie is all about. The whole world has been waiting for this Electronic humanoid companion movie, and if you’re one of those people, we must say, you are about to be amazed. In this AI movie, The police force is engineered in the authoritarian future by autonomous droids who patrol the street and handle the violators. One of the droids is robbed and upgraded from ANI to AGI, so it is felt. Chappie’s new emotion, this droid, struggles with corruption in society and is described as a threat to humanity. This raises the question of ethics and how AGI can learn by itself, as Chappie does in the movie, by exploring the surroundings.

13. I, Robot (2004)

IMDb Rating:7.1
Genre:Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director:Alex Proyas
Cast:Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood
Rotten Tomatoes:56%
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

This human-robot movie is a fantasy-based concept about a possible future where robots are integrated into human society and have difficulty obeying the Three Laws of Robotics. VIKI is a supercomputer turned evil using data collected worldwide, and its computing power robots control worldwide. VIKI is a virtual interactive cinetic intelligence. There are robots worldwide, and laws that ensure the safety of society are embedded in their systems. However, with VIKI, these laws stop robots, and VIKI is to end the world with a technophobic cup and a good robot. This film shows the harrowing possibility that AI will take over the world and how even legislation can backfire.

14. Interstellar (2014)

IMDb Rating:8.6
Genre:Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director:Christopher Nolan
Cast:Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain
Rotten Tomatoes:72%
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Interstellar’s approach to presenting AI in a sci-fi film is entirely different. The two quadrilateral robots, TARS, and CASE, which surprise users, take on a form that does not resemble the popular human-like form that Star Wars and Star Trek show, instead of becoming the antagonist such as HAL 9000 The Terminator. This TARS and CASE design represents a design that overrides humanity and offers various possibilities for complex robotics and AI designs.

15. Her (2013)

IMDb Rating:8
Genre:Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Director:Spike Jonze
Cast:Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)
Rotten Tomatoes:94%
Currently streaming on:Vudu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

“Her” is about an artificially smart OS man falling in love with him. In today’s smartphones, we see virtual assistants, but the technology is not so advanced as “Samantha,” the smart OS at “Her.” Voice helpers such as Siri and Google Assistant can only do simple tasks like setting the alarm or text a friend, but Samantha is an impressive language speaker. A highly advanced operating system like her can learn and develop through experience, which is impossible with today’s technology. This movie gives an overview of how we can fall in love with voice assistants in the future.

16. Moneyball (2011)

IMDb Rating:7.6
Genre:Biography, Drama, Sport
Director:Bennett Miller
Cast:Brad Pitt, Robin Wright, Jonah Hill
Rotten Tomatoes:94%
Currently streaming on:JustWatch, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

“Moneyball” demonstrates the incredible power and capacity of predictive analytics in the real world. This film was used to select the best team of undervalued players with a minimum budget for the data analytics and the “Moneyball theory.” A champion baseball team was established thanks to the power of data extraction on players and two major data points (slower percentage and base percentage. This is one of the best AI movies that demonstrate the importance of decision-making and predictive modeling, the right statistics. However, the courage to make analytical decisions and to believe that the data make a change is more important.

17. Margin Call (2011)

IMDb Rating:7.1
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Director:J.C. Chandor
Cast:Zachary Quinto, Stanley Tucci, Kevin Spacey
Rotten Tomatoes:87%
Currently streaming on:JustWatch, Amazon Prime Video

Margin Call shows the effects of false predictive modeling on everyone in society. Technology does not continue in foam, and a small mistake can be terrible. This film focuses on the financial crisis of 2008, in which risk analysts and bank analysts discover that their risk model leads to a financial catastrophe. This film teaches about the risks of greed and how crucial it is to prevent disasters on all sides of a predictive model. You can enjoy this movie about AI on Amazon Prime.

18. Minority Report (2015)

IMDb Rating:5.9
Genre:Action, Crime, Drama
Director:Max Borenstein
Cast:Meagan Good, Stark Sands, Nick Zano
Rotten Tomatoes:28%
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video

“Minority Report” shows the best of data science. The movie predicts future crimes by analyzing massive amounts of data by a team of people with psychological abilities or “data scientists,” called PreCogs. The visual information is transmitted to PreCrime, and a police unit is sent to prevent crime through this analysis. The idea is how data can be used for real life, such as disaster prevention and the lives of millions of people. It is entirely the best movie about AI on Netflix too.

19. The Imitation game (2014)

IMDb Rating:8.0
Genre:Biography, Drama, Thriller
Director:Morten Tyldum
Cast:Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode
Rotten Tomatoes:89%
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

This movie features Alan Turing, the famous “Turing Test” and the father of modern computers. Alan Turing is the legendary mathematician who breaks the riddle of WWII. The enigma is a strategic code the Nazis use to encode their messages. Turing has decided to create a computer that can perform complex permutations more quickly than any human being can. Turing paved the way for the production of machines, cryptography, and cybersafety. In addition, the importance of creativity and news to solve “enigmas” and the understanding of communication and human behavior are important lessons in the film.

20. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

IMDb Rating:8.2
Genre:Biography, Drama
Director:Ron Howard
Cast:Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly
Rotten Tomatoes:74%
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

A Beautiful Mind is a beautiful creation by Nobel Prizewinner in economics, John Nash. He is well-known for his contributions to the theory of the economics of the game that led to economic breakthroughs. His work was widely used in computer science. If you’re ever had the opportunity to watch this one of the best AI movies, then we must tell you that you should! As in this film, you will get to know how the theory of games is gradually unveiled and discovered in everyday life, not only in the mathematical world.


We hope you can become a friend, a lover, a murderer, a soldier, a slave and discover the power of math and algorithms and its capacity to achieve incredible things like stopping wars and winning at casinos through these incredible AI movies. No doubt, Artificial intelligence is the greatest invention of humanity. As seen in the films, AI will either kill us or increase our human cognitive and physical capacity to do incredible things.

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