Sebastian Taylor Thomaz: Family Member, Celebrity Parents, Age, Height, Birthday, Net Worth, Bio

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, the son of American model and rapper Amber Rose and the renowned American rapper Wiz Khalifa enjoys a life steeped in the glitz and glamor of celebrity parents. Hailing from Pennsylvania, United States, Sebastian often graces his parents’ individual Instagram posts, becoming a familiar face to their devoted followers. 

In 2020, he even appeared in the music video for Wiz Khalifa’s track “Bammer.” Sebastian’s parents, Pennsylvania natives, began their high-profile relationship in 2011, culminating in marriage from July 2013 to September 2014. A custody battle ensued after their separation, ultimately resulting in Amber Rose gaining primary custody. At the same time, Wiz Khalifa was granted visitation rights, shaping Sebastian’s unique upbringing in the world of stardom.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Early Life

Full Real Name Sebastian Taylor Thomaz
Profession Family Member
Date Of Birth February 21st, 2013
Age 10 years old
Birthday February 21st
Year Of Birth 2013
Country United States
Nationality American
Religion Christianity

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz was born in Pennsylvania, United States, on February 21, 2013, making him an American by nationality. At the age of 10, he currently resides primarily with his mother, Amber Rose. He sometimes resides in Los Angeles and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Education

As Sebastian Taylor Thomaz is still a child, specific details about his education are not publicly available. Being in the early stages of his academic journey, his educational background and progress are understandably private.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Family

Father Wiz Khalifa
Mother Amber Rose

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz’s family includes his mother, Amber Rose, and father, Wiz Khalifa. He has a younger half-brother, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, from his mother. 

His extended family includes maternal and paternal grandparents Dorothy Rose, Michael Levonchuck, Laurence Thomaz, and Peachie Wimbush. Tragically, he lost his aunt, Dorien Lala Thomaz, sister of Whiz Khalifa, in 2017.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Zodiac Sign

Sun Sign Pisces
Birth Sign Duality Passive
Birth Sign Modality Mutable Water

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz was born under the zodiac Pisces, associated with compassion, creativity, and sensitivity. Pisceans are often known for their imaginative and empathetic nature.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Physical Stats

Weight In Kg 15
Weight In Lbs 33
Height In Feet 3\’9\”
Height In Meter 1.14
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz weighs 15 kg and is , with brown hair and eyes. However, he has inherited features from both his father and mother, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, contributing to his unique and distinctive appearance.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Relationship Status

Marital Status single

Being a child, Sebastian has no known relationships at this point. His father, Wiz Khalifa, is in a relationship with Aimee Aguilar since 2019. Sebastian’s mother, Amber Rose, is single, having previously dated like Machine Gun Kelly and rapper Kanye West.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Career

Wiz Khalifa is a versatile American artist known for his rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor talents. Remarkably, his journey into music began at a remarkably young age. By age 15, he was already recording his music at I.D. Labs, a studio that recognized his lyrical prowess and allowed him to record for free. 

With his debut album “Show and Prove,” he got a deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2007. His chart-topping single “Black and Yellow” solidified his position in the music industry, and subsequent hits like “See You Again” for the “Fast and Furious 7″ soundtrack further elevated his status.

Amber Rose, on the other hand, is an American model, rapper, and television personality who made her mark in the entertainment world through her appearances in music videos, including the notable role in Young Jeezy and Kanye West’s “Put On.” 

Her high-profile relationship with Kanye West featured her in his Louis Vuitton ads and catapulted her modeling career, ultimately leading to a contract with Ford Models in 2009. 

Following her split from West, she began a romantic journey with Wiz Khalifa, leading to their marriage in 2013 and subsequent divorce in 2014. Amber Rose’s endeavors also extend to writing, activism, and hosting her talk show, “The Amber Rose Show,” showcasing her diverse talents.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Social Media Presence


Sebastian Taylor Thomaz does not have his own social media presence. Instead, his parents, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, manage Instagram accounts where they frequently feature him, offering their followers insights into their family life and moments of togetherness.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Net Worth

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. His father, Wiz Khalifa, boasts a substantial net worth of approximately $70 million, and Amber Rose with a net worth of $12 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Sebastian Taylor Thomaz’s Parents? 

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz’s parents are famous American rapper, actor Wiz Khalifa and model and rapper Amber Rose.

What is the Latest News on Sebastian Taylor Thomaz?

The latest on Sebastian Taylor Thomaz is that he, his father, Wiz Khalifa, and his ex-wife Amber Rose attended the 2023 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California.

What is Sebastian Taylor Thomaz Sbiling? 

Amber Rose shared an adorable picture on Instagram of her two sons, Sebastian and Slash, expressing her love and excitement as Sebastian took on the role of a big brother to Slash.

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