Maceo Robert Martinez : Celeb Kid, Age, Height, Bio, Dad, Net Worth!

In this article, we are going to talk about Maceo Robert Martinez. As we know, it isn’t easy to gain recognition in Hollywood, but when Maceo Robert Martinez opened his eyes, he became one of the luckiest persons to attain recognition.

The boy is renowned for being the first son of Hollywood artist Halle Berry by her first husband, Olivier Martinez. Nevertheless, both his parents are from the entertainment sector.

So, would you like to learn more about him? If yes, we will enlighten you about his biography, his parent’s divorce, more about young Maceo Robert Martinez, age, height, weight, and other life information gathered in 2022.

Maceo Robert Martinez Early Life:

Full Real Name Maceo Robert Martinez
Profession Celeb Kid
Date Of Birth October 5th, 2013
Age 9
Birthday October 5th
Year Of Birth 2013
Nick Name Maceo
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American, French
Religion Not Available

Maceo was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., on October 5, 2013. His name was derived from the Spanish language of Maceo, meaning ‘God’s Gift.’

Maceo is the son of the famous Hollywood actor Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry. But his parents couldn’t last a long time, regrettably, and they were divorced.

Apart from his parents, Maceo has Nahla Ariela Aubry, a half-sister. She is Halle Berry and her former boyfriend Gabrid Aubry’s daughter.

Maceo Robert Martinez Age, Nationality & Ethnicity:

As of now, Maceo Robert is eight years old. He was born on the sun sign of Libra on October 5, 2013. It came out to be so nice and attractive from a very young age. He has dark brown curls and black eyes. His dad is French, although he suggested Maceo would be American in certain interviews.

His mother is of Afro-American mixed ancestry, while his father comes from the French, Spanish and Moroccan backgrounds.

Maceo Robert Martinez Education:

Highest Qualification Not Available

Moving on to his education, We couldn’t have any data about where Maceo is now studying. Once we get any official information regarding this, we will update our page.

Relationship, Marriage & Divorce of Maceo’s Parents:

Father Olivier Martinez
Mother Halle Berry
Sisters Half-sister Nahla Ariela Aubry

Maceo Robert Martinez Mother Halle Berry:

Halle Berry was born in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., on August 14, 1966. She was the first African-American woman to get the Monster’s Ball Oscar Award for being the leading actress in the picture.

Similarly, she had initiated her career from modeling to leading lady. In 2000, she was one of the highest-paid heroines.

In X-Men, famed as ‘Storm’ and its sequels, Berry played an Action mutant lady. Moreover, in the James Bond movie “Die Another Day,” she appears as the Bond girl Jinx.

She has played a significant role in several films and won numerous honors. She is still active in Hollywood at the age of 55 and still follows her passion for acting.

Maceo Robert Martinez Dad Olivier Martinez:

Olivier Martinez (French film actor) was born in Paris on January 12, 1966. In 1990, his acting career in France began, and the Most Promising Actor was awarded the Cesar Award.

He has performed in numerous French films. He also has been featured in some films in Hollywood. Some of his Hollywood films include “Blood & Chocolate,” “Taking Lives,” “Knight and Day.”

According to several resources, Maceo’s parents met in 2010 on the set of the film “Dark Tide” in South Africa. Then each other began to date.

Parents Relationship & Divorce:

She previously dated Gabrid Aubry, a French Canadian model. They have Nahla Ariela Aubry, a daughter. Unfortunately, Berry and Martinez announced their participation in 2012. Then, on July 13, 2013, in France, they exchanged their marriage vows.

By that time they could not continue to marry and in 2015 announced their divorce. Their marriage ended two years later. Maceo was only two years old at that time, too. In December 2016, their divorce was completed. The matter remains active by the court, though.

Both consented to Maceo’s joint custody since she also fought with the ex-boyfriend Gabrid Aubry in the custody fight of her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry.

What is the net worth of Maceo Robert Martinez’s parents?

Maceo Robert Martinez’s mother, Halle Berry, has about $90 million, while his father has a net worth of about $30 million. The majority of his income, as is commonly known, stems from his successful professions like actors and actresses.

Similarly, both people in Hollywood are well recognized and respected.

Maceo Robert Martinez Personal Life:

Marital Status single

For a love connection, Maceo is too young, as we know. He’s going to get someone perfect for him in the future.

He lives with his mom and with Nahla Ariela Aubry, his half-sister, in his home in Los Angeles, California.

But he spends time with his dad, Olivier Martinez, too from time to time. His parents take good care of him. Moreover, they went on holiday to be with Maceo after their divorce was announced and were seen in many events with him together in public after the divorce.

Maceo Robert Martinez Net Worth & Salary:

Net Worth Not Available
Source Of Income Celeb Kid

For now, Maceo is too young to begin his profession. He so enjoys the net worth of his parents, and his parents have a luxurious lifestyle.

Will he go the same way as his parents? Well, wait and watch is all we can do now. He hasn’t earned it now because he doesn’t engage in any vocation. 

Interesting FAQs About Maceo Robert Martinez and His Parents:

How old is Maceo Robert Martinez?

He was a popular kid, and since he was little, he has been highly famous and has many followers. He’s now nine years old.

What is the Net value of Olivier Martinez?

The French father of Maceo Robert Martinez, Olivier Martinez, has about $30 million. 

Is Halle Berry still active in Hollywood?

The first African American woman to have received the Oscar Award for the best actress for the leading part was Maceo Robert Martinez’s mum, Halle Berry. In addition, Berry has played in many films, and she’s still passionate about acting and is still working in Hollywood.

How many children does Halle Berry have?

Halle Berry has two children. She has Nahla Ariela Aubry, a 13-year-old daughter, and Maceo Robert Martinez, a nine-year-old son.

How old was Halle Berry diabetic?

In her early twenties, Halle Berry was diagnosed with diabetes. During the television series ‘Living Dolls’ in 1989, she went into a diabetic coma. She was subsequently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Who’s dating Halle Berry?

Sources indicate that Halle Berry currently dates Van Hunt.

Maceo Robert Martinez Social Appearance:


Maceo Robert Martinez is not active on social media because of his young age, and his parents keep him distant from the media and the public. But on his mother’s Instagram, @halleberry, we may see some of his lovely photos.


In Hollywood, you must work incredibly hard to achieve success and celebration. But Maceo Robert Martinez, when he opened his eyes to the world, was one of the luckiest people to reach renown.

Previously, the child is well known as Olivier Martinez (Halle Berry’s former husband) and Halle Berry’s first child. Not to add that his two parents are respectively involved in Hollywood.

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