Like it Was Yesterday Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot Prediction, Trailer And Other Latest Updates !

It may be possible that human beings are connected with their actions and how different circumstances bring people together but do this mean that the choices you make impact how our lives turn out or destiny are always written out irrespective of our choices?

Like It Was Yesterday, the news series gives you a framework to ponder all the psychological questions you have ever asked for, maybe even give you an answer despite how vague they may be. Fire Started Safe Haven, Touched by An Angel and Rock and A Hard place are some of the episodes the series contains, and so far, just by the titles, it is evident that the series will be a force to reckon with.

Like it Was Yesterday Season 1 Release Date:

The series creator and producers are yet to reveal when the series will debut or when we will get a trailer for the anthology show, the information we hope will be released earlier enough. The series is scheduled to have eight episodes, each telling a different story from the other but still full of adventure and drama nonetheless.

Whether the series production has started or is nearing completion or maybe in its post-production stage is still yet to be established. Since it is still not evident which of the platforms is the official series site, it is not easy to determine where to watch the series. In case of production finishes soon, 2022 might be the year for the upcoming tv show.

Like it Was Yesterday Season 1 Cast:

Nik Tizekker, a famous director and producer who has been shooting nice shots and videos for fifteen years, is the series writer and director and producer in collaboration with Christopher Peters (consulting producer). Characters featuring in the anthology series include RJ Mitte as cole, Daniel Moncada as Lucas, Kayla Radomski as Young Rubby, Hudson Wes as Young Cole, Carlo Mendez, Kim Beuche, Geovanna Casanova, Aaron Schwartz, James Duval, Catherine Carlen as Libby, David Steen, and Jose Yunque. Other casts include Cameron Gregg, Brandyn Burnette, and Kevin Bowers. 

Like it Was Yesterday Season 1 Plot:

Since the series development is still in progress, not much has been revealed about the plot, just that it is an anthology series. The series will be based on the memories people had before, the connection human beings have between spirituality and visitations, and the unexplained scenarios that may change the course your life takes forever. Like any other anthology film, it will consist of different stories, eight episodes, maybe a little connection but different altogether.

Like it Was Yesterday Season 1 Trailer:

We’re yet to receive a trailer on the upcoming series but considering it is an anthology, and it is not possible that we will get a sneak peek of every episode, maybe a little bit of what is coming. As we wait for the series debut, there are many anthology series from crime to romance to horror to real-life events that you can binge on. Beyond the Dark, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, and Black Mirror are some of the best anthology series you may be interested in as we wait for Like It Was Yesterday’s debut.

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