Big Sky’s Premiere Ends With a Bloody Twist; Ryan Phillippe, Kylie Bunbury, and Katheryn Winnick React to this Shocking Twist!

Many viewers tuned in for the premiere of Big Sky; many of them were fans of Ryan Phillippe. The mystery series hit them with what they couldn’t even imagine. Big Sky didn’t take a slow start; the first episode introduced the viewers to four eventually interconnected stories.

The episode started with a truck driver named Ronald who tased and kidnapped a prostitute. In the other story, two girls were featured on a road trip at midnight, and their car was not working properly. Then we saw a weird state trooper. The last piece was Cody (Ryan Phillippe), sleeping with Cassie, his current partner.

By the end, viewers discover that the two girls were on their way to meet Cody but got kidnapped on their way by the truck driver. Cody went to meet the weird trooper, but unfortunately, he was involved in the kidnapping, and boom! He shot Cody right in the face; you heard it right, Phillippe’s character is dead.

Now we must say that it was said, but the fact that Ryan Phillippe spent a lot of time promoting the show is a bit funny; he also showed up on Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Maybe there is more to it, and it will bring more shocks in the future because if not, tweets are not saying that they liked it.

Phillippe stated that he was shocked, and that made him excited about the show. He added that sometimes you could see what will happen next in the show, but this show just takes your breath away. At the beginning of the show, Big Sky leaves you shocked, and you can proudly say that you didn’t see it coming because no one would. Phillippe also praised Lynch and called him a fun guy and an interesting actor.

Bunbury said that the series is an adaptation of C.J. Box’s novel “The Highway,” so some viewers might have predicted the twist, but the cast has no clue about it when they read the pilot scripts. Bunbury joked that when she read the script, the first thing that came to her mind was that Ryan’s fans are gonna be pissed. So do let us know, are you pissed?

Winnick also expressed her views on the jaw-dropping opening. According to Winnick, it is an exciting way to begin a series; she added that this is what people usually expect from the ending of the story, but ABC‘s police procedural is a bit edgy and hits you hard with Episode 1.

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