Kate Del Castillo Joins ‘Red Table Talk: The Estefans’ To Talk El Chapo, Sean Penn & More!

Kate Del Castillo showed up on the latest episode of the TV series “Red Table Talk: The Estefans.” Del Castillo stars in the Spanish telenovela titled “La Reina del Sur,” she sat down with Gloria Estefan, niece Lily, and daughter Emily to have an unfiltered conversation about her meeting with fugitive cartel leader El Chapo (Joaquín Guzmán) alongside Sean Penn.

Castillo explained that it all started with a tweet in 2012. The tweet complained about the unfair and corrupt government in Mexico. She added that El Chapo is more reliable than the government that keeps secrets and hide truths from her. 

Famous star has many fans, and it turned out that El Chapo was one of them. El Chapo got in touch with Castillo through his lawyers and offered the right to put his life story on the screen. When the word caught the wind, Sean Penn expressed interest in the project. 

Castillo told us that she was afraid that the project’s future was in jeopardy as, during that period, El Chapo had escaped from the prison. On Castillo’s meeting with Penn to discuss the project, they decided to meet up with the fugitive cartel kingpin. And after a lot of careful consideration, Penn and Castillo were flying to meet El Chapo in hiding.

El Chapo welcomed them with a big smile, but things started getting out of hands one by one. The first thing was Penn, he blindsided Castillo by asking El Chapo for an interview for Rolling Stone, and Castillo told us that she was shocked. Things took another unexpected turn when she found out that she would have to stay the night there. 

Castillo said that she thought she was going to be raped or killed, or anything could’ve happened, but everything turned out to be fine.

She must have a hard time sleeping that night, and one hour after she went to bed, all of them were awakened. Another shock was coming; El Chapo’s hideout was discovered. Castillo and Penn had a brief affair, but now she calls him an a**hole, and now we know why! 

Castillo also made clear that she and Penn didn’t have something romantic; they were not in a relationship, she just had sex, and it just happened. After these events, Castillo was attacked in various ways, she was called El Chapo’s lover, and she was also investigated for money laundering.

Out of the four people who met El Chapo, only Castillo faced difficulties as Penn and the two producers secretly signed a deal with rolling stones, which made them members of the press. Kate Del Castillo said that when the story came out, she never talked to Penn again as he used her as the bait and didn’t care for Castillo’s and her family’s life.

Gloria summarized the whole situation in simple words: “he f-ed you up in every way possible.”

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