Seth Rogen Could Be Producing Animated Series ‘Darkwing Duck’ Reboot for Disney+!

Recently, Variety reported about an animated Darkwing Duck series reboot. The original animated sequence was created by Tad Stones and telecasted three seasons for 91 episodes from 1991 – 1992 on ABC and Disney. There is no notification about whether this reboot will come. Still, if it comes, it will be on Disney Plus.

Currently, no screenwriter is involved with the sequel, but it will be executive produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The duo joins James Weaver and Alex McAtee of Point Grey Pictures as per sources.

The series Is based on the duck superhero, who inhabited a typical suburban life as the secret identity of Drake Mallard. Pilot Launchpad McQuack helps him to fight his crime. Sometimes his adopted daughter Gosalyn also assisted him. 

The whole cast starred the voices of Jim Cummings as Darkwing Duck, Christine Cavanaugh as Gosalyn, and Terry McGovern as Launchpad. 

Darkwing and Gosalin also appeared in this reboot sequel. This series has associations with both the original “Duck Tales” and the previous reboot with Launchpad of Disney’s animated series “Duck Tales.” 

A fictional character, Darkwing started fighting crime, the Darkwing Duck fan club’s head, Mallard, got the opportunity to become Darkwing. It is not yet sure whether this series will reboot or not.

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