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Karla Panini is a well-known Mexican radio jockey, TV host, and comedian. She is known for her famous role as Lavandea Guera, a character duet with her friend Karla Burgos as “Las Lavanderas.” 

The show was about two low-class ladies who talk to people in a loud and bash language. It was massive among Mexican audiences, but with the fame, Panini came to controversy by having an alleged affair with her former co-worker Karla Luna’s husband, Americo Gazra. 

The controversy was so massive that Panini got nasty hate from the Mexcian audience. Let’s learn about the controversy and life of Kara Panini in this latest blog

Karla Panini Early Life

Full Real Name Karla Panini
Profession Comedian
Date Of Birth December 21st, 1979
Age 43
Birthday December 21st
Year Of Birth 1979
Country Mexico
Nationality Mexican

Karla Panini born on December 21, 1979, Monterrey in city of Mexcio. She holds Mexican nationality, and she has blood of Latino heritage. In her early days, she had menial paid jobs to support her during college

Currently, she is 43 years old and still resides in Mexico.

Karla Panini Education

Highest Qualification Graduated

Karla Panini has worked hard to get her high school certification from her local community. Later, I attended a college, whose name is not revealed, and got a degree in Communication Science.

Panini has another degree in Public Administration, which she managed by doing minimally paid jobs.

Karla Panini Family

Father Jose Franciso
Mother Martha Murillo
Brothers Jose
Sisters Priscila, Martha

Karla Panini belongs to a big family with parents Jose Francisco Panini and Martha Murillo. She has three other siblings named Priscila, Martha, and Jose. 

Karla Panini Zodiac Sign

Sun Sign Sagittarius

Karla Panini is a Sagittarius. These zodiac people are funny, fair-minded, honest, intellectual, optimistic, romantic, and more than love their freedom.

Karla Panini Physical Stats

Weight In Kg 58
Weight In Lbs 127
Height In Feet 5′ 3”
Height In Meter 1.62
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black

Karla Panini stands tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, and weights 58 kg. He has lovely features like brown hair and black eyes. Her attractive smile makes her personality shine.

Karla Panini Relationship Status

Spouse Name Américo Garza
Sons Cesar Gabriel
Daughters Isabella
No Of Children 2
Marital Status married

Karla Panini is married to Américo Garza, who tied the knot on June 14, 2016. Both have a daughter named Isabella Garza Panini. She also has a son named Cesar Gabriel Burgos Panini from her previous marriage, Oscar Burgos, who married in 2008. 

Panini and her current husband Americo had cheated on their partners while they both were married to their respective partners.

Karla Panini Career

Karla Panini has quite an impressive career in Mexican television history, from being one of the best female comedians to being almost blocklisted in the industry. Panini began her career with the debut television program “En Cabina ” Live at age 20. 

During her initial days, she intended a program named “Las Lavanderas,” where she partnered with Karla Luna. Panini became famous in the show for her character role, Lavandea Guera, which made her a household name in the Mexican television industry. The show lasted till 2010. 

In 2013, a scandal involving Panini and Karla Luna’s husband, Americo Gazra, had an illicit affair. Meanwhile, Karla was already married to Oscar Burgos. This huge controversy led to the end of her famous show, and she got a massive backlash and hate from the public. 

Karla also featured in TV shows like The Laundry Women and  La Luciérnaga. Currently, Panini is a radio host at EXA EM in Monterrey. She has her official YouTube channel where she posts videos on workouts and motivates people to become healthy and fit.

Karla Panini Controversy

This radio host was surely in a big controversy of having an affair with her best friend’s husband, while she was also married with a child. Kerala Panini and Karla Luna were friends and started their show named “Las Lavanderas.” They got recognition in the television industry, but Panini got more love. 

In early 2013, the news was that Panini was having an affair with Karla Luna’s husband, Americo Gazra. In the meantime, Panini was married to Oscar Burgos, and Luna was married to Americo Gazra. That leads both individual couples to separate from their cheating spouse. 

Later in the year 2013, Panini and Oscar got divorced. Things got messy when Karla Luna was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2016, three days after she celebrated her 38th birthday. To add to the fire, Panini and Luna’s ex-husband, Americo, tied the knot in 2016 in Nuevo Leon at Villa De Santiago. 

This incident got very nasty comments from the public, and on Instagram, Panini discussed the negative comments do not affect her, as she does not lose her sleep or happiness.

Karla Panini Social Media Presence


Karla Panini is active on social media platforms, sharing her life updates and fitness journey. On her YouTube channel @KarlaPaniniMX, she has 8.37K subscribers and has 232 videos. On Instagram @kpaninimx, she got 106K followers.

Karla Panini Net Worth

Net Worth $1.5 Million
Source Of Income Comedian

Karla Panini’s current net worth is $1.5 million. The former radio host, TV host, and comedian now earns through her YouTube channel and Instagram posts as a fitness coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Spouse of Karla Panini?

Karla Panini has a total of two marriages. Her first marriage was to Oscar Burgos from 2008–2013, with a son, Cesar Gabriel. Panini has been married to Américo Garza since 2016 having a daughter, Isabella. 

What was the Controversy with Karla Panini and Karla Luna?

Karal Panini cheated on her former best friend and co-worker by having an affair with Luna’s husband, Americo, behind her back. The cheating scandal led to a split in their friendship and marriage of their individuals.

What is Karla Panini Doing Now?

Karla Panini now hosts a radio show EXA EM in Monterrey. She also coaches people about fitness and has a YouTube channel.

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