Kendra Peach: YouTuber, Content Creator, OnlyFans, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Bio

Kendra Peach, a multifaceted Youtuber, digital content creator and social media influencer, has achieved remarkable success in her online journey. With over 387K subscribers on her YouTube channel and a growing audience, she’s produced over 300 videos, amassing an impressive 6.6 million views. Kendra’s diverse content spans fitness, lifestyle, travel, and more. Her Instagram presence, boasting 180K followers under the handle @thevikingpeach, further showcases her widespread influence and engagement in the digital realm.

Kendra Peach’s Early Life

Full Real Name Kendra Peach
Profession Instagram Star
Year Of Birth 1970
Nick Name Kendra
Current Residence Washington, United States
Country United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Kendra Peach was born on 1970, in Los Angeles, United States, where she spent her early years. Currently, she resides in Washington, also within the United States. She holds American nationality and identifies as part of the white ethnicity. In matters of faith, Kendra follows the Christian religion. Her primary language is English, reflecting her cultural background and upbringing.

Kendra Peach Education Background

Information about Kendra Peach’s educational background remains undisclosed. While her online presence and content creator and influencer career are well-documented, details about her formal education are private. 

Kendra Peach Family

Details about Kendra Peach’s family background are not publicly available. Her public persona primarily focuses on her digital content creator and influencer career. As a result, information about her family members, such as her parents or siblings, remains undisclosed.

Kendra Peach Zodiac Sign

Kendra Peach’s zodiac sign is not publicly disclosed. As a digital content creator and social media influencer, she may keep personal details like her birth date and zodiac sign private, allowing her to maintain privacy in her online presence. This approach keeps the focus on her professional endeavors and content creation.

Kendra Peach Physical Stats

Weight In Kg 65
Weight In Lbs 143
Height In Feet 5\’7\”
Height In Meter 1.70
Measurement 36-29-37
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown

Kendra Peach stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 7 inches. She weighs approximately 65 kilograms, with body measurements 36-29-37. Her striking features include blonde hair and captivating blue eyes, contributing to her unique and appealing physical attributes.

Kendra Peach Relationship Status

Spouse Name Matthew Segovia
Marital Status married

Kendra Peach and Matthew Segovia are a happily married couple, though their wedding dates remain undisclosed. They reside in the serene mountains of Washington, where they frequently embark on adventurous expeditions together. This celebrity duo actively vlogs on YouTube, sharing insights into their life on their half-acre property, which centers around overcoming daily challenges and celebrating victories. 

Their farmstead is a bustling hub for animals like pigs, goats, and chickens. Moreover, they nurture diverse fruits, including blackberries, raspberries, grapes, saskatoons, hardy kiwi, and blueberries, providing a glimpse into their sustainable and fruitful lifestyle.

Kendra Peach Career

Kendra Peach, the fitness influencer, has gained significant fame on Instagram, where she actively manages two accounts primarily focused on fitness content. Her Instagram blends indoor workouts and occasional outdoor adventures in the woods. The Viking Princess has established herself as a profitable affiliate marketer, collaborating with various product brands and engaging in brand agreements to generate income.

In 2016, she ventured into the realm of YouTube, marking her debut on the platform. Later, she and her husband jointly launched additional channels, delving into a series of filmmaking endeavours about their lives. Since 2018, they have created numerous video blogs, with their YouTube channel offering an inside look into their unique off-the-grid lifestyle.

The adult actress also operates an OnlyFans account under the handle @Kendrapeach, which she launched in 2021. As of January 2023, this platform has garnered over 9.5k followers, where fans subscribe to access exclusive content showcasing her physique, contributing to her substantial revenue. While she maintains a presence on Twitter, her primary source of income is her thriving OnlyFans account.

Kendra Peach’s Social Media Presence


Kendra Peach is active on various social media platforms. On TikTok, @kendra peach, she has 178.7M views; on Instagram, she has 180k followers @thevikingpeach. And on YouTube, she got 91K subscribers with 307 videos @@Kendraoffgrid3.

Kendra Peach’s Net Worth

Net Worth $5 million
Source Of Income Social media Career

Kendra Peach, with roles as a YouTuber, social media influencer, and subscription-based content creator, earns a monthly income of $20,000, amassing a notable net worth of $5 million. Although her exact YouTube earnings are undisclosed, a substantial portion of her wealth comes from advertising revenue and lucrative sponsorship deals within her content creation career.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Kendra Peach Start her YouTube Channel?

Kendra Peach began her YouTube journey on January 13, 2016. Her most viewed video was posted on March 10, 2023; Kendra uploaded a 2.47-minute video that has garnered a whopping 17 million views and continues to rise in popularity. 

When did Kendra Peach Join Instagram and Twitter? 

Kendra Peach joined Instagram in January 2022 with over 180K followers. She joined Twitter in August 2021, with over 51K followers.

What is Kendra Peach’s Monthly Income and Net Worth?  

Kendra Peach earns a monthly income of $20,000 and has a net worth of $5 million. Her major income comes from YouTube, digital content creation, brand promotion, and OnlyFans subscription.

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