‘Saturday Night Live’: Michael Che Jokes On NBC Trump Town Hall On Weekend Update: “What Can We Say We Have A Type”!

NBC is taking a lot of criticism because of its choice to schedule Donald Trump’s town hall at the exact same time as Joe Bidden’s Townhall on ABC. Indeed this decision of NBC was upsetting to the audience, but it did generate content for NBC’s entertainment side. Saturday Night Live has been known to talk about every significant political conflict, and the same thing happened this time. Saturday Night Live fired many satirical comments on the dueling event. 

We had Issa Rae as this weekend’s S.N.L. host, featuring Justin Bieber as the guest. The show opened with Jim Carrey as Biden. He took the stage and started making his familiar finger guns.

Trump Town Hall Parody:

One of the hilarious moments of the show is the parody of Thursday’s Trump town hall. Kate McKinnon played Savannah Guthrie parody initiated with her welcoming Alec Baldwin as Donal Trump, Alec is tremendously talented, and he can kill you with laughter! The series of question answers began, and Alec Baldwin, like Trump, answered the questions people would expect from Donald Trump. Many controversial topics were raised, but they didn’t seem controversial as people were busy laughing. Alec said, “your car breaks down, call Tripple-K!” When he was asked about the recovery from COVID-19, Alec said he’s okay; he had a small fever around 100 Celsius! But he never met the devil, and nobody showed him the list of his sins. The doctor said his lungs were “beautiful.”

Michael Che: We have a type!

The topic of clashing town halls of Joe and Trump was prominent throughout the show, then Michael Che dropped a very sarcastic comment. Che staged, Thursday show should not have been a surprise. The comedian added, “what can we say? We have a type!” This comment was followed by pictures of Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby, and Donald Trump; if you don’t get it, it hinted towards the rape accusations on the first two names. To be honest, Che’s statement should also not be a surprise as many Hollywood stars, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Shakina Nayfack, Wanda Sykes, were supporting the NBC blackout. That ultimately means turning to ABC to watch Joe Biden’s town hall instead. It was noted that Che was neutral as he didn’t take the side of any of the candidates. He mentioned that these two choices (Trump and Biden) are so bad that Kanye is running for the elections, and to that, people are saying, “maybe?” Che went on to say that the condition would have been different if we had a genuine candidate; he supported his statement with the example of Kennedy against Nixon; at the time, nobody thought about Richard.

Donald Trump Jr. And Eric Trump:

The show did not stop at criticism of NBC’s decision regarding town hall; Kylie Mooney as Eric Trump and Alex Moffat as Donald Trump Jr. continued the sarcasm! They spotlighted Trump’s “sarcastic” suggestion of using disinfectant for COVID-19 treatment (genius actually). Moffat’s Trump Jr. acted like he was gonna drink hand sanitizer, with the intention that Mooney’s Eric Trump will criticize him. And then he said, why? Dad said it was fine! No doubt, it is hilarious.  

As the laughter continued, so did the topics related to the town hall. Trump’s failure to denounce QAnon was also discussed, and the low tax returns. 

Sophia Wadke
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