John Cleese tweets Debatable Donald Trump Suicide Joke: ‘I suspect Trump’s Been Dead For Two Days!

It’s been great news that the United States has found its new President in the name of Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

There is the time of victory for all Biden’s followers and unfortunate news for Trump’s ones.

In the same scenario, John Cleese has posted a suicidal joke about the losing election of Donald Trump. This Monty Python startup viewed his opinion on the US presidential election of how Bidden has overtaken Donald Trump in many states. It has also been claimed that Trump’s companion named Fox news head Rupert Murdoch complained about the network’s decision to announce Joe Biden as the new President in Arizona. They also reported that illegal votes had been counted from 3rd November to the premises of Arizona.

From the first day of this US presidential race, Fox News has seemed to be a great supporter of Trump.

But all the hopes of Trump’s supporters have shattered when Bidden has declared the new President of the United States.

In the same scenario, a hilarious joke has been tweeted by this Monty python star.

He wrote that White House chief, Staff Mark Meadows, has found positive of Covid-19. That’s why they tried to rush up the whole white house. It’s an indirect joke on the losing of US presidential elections by Trump. Further, he also cautioned that he suspected that Trump’s been dead for two days and probably shot himself when Murdoch dumped him. It was such a suicidal joke that has been made on this losing of presidential elections by Trump.

Although many followers of Joe Biden have retweeted his post add on their views. 

He also tweeted many posts on his Twitter account in which he seemed to be so pleased by the winning election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Shared your views in the comment section below about how you see this presidential race and your opinions about Biden’s winning as the next 46th President of the United States.

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