Chris Brown & Drake Collaborate For Project: “We Got Some Songs”

Currently, Chris Brown indicated that he would be working with Drake. The artist stated that they both had already recorded the tracks. Read further for more information.

All-rounder Chris Brown is an outstanding singer, musician, dancer, and actor. Also, Drake is the most famous artist worldwide. Over the years, they faced many troubles in their friendship. Chris Brown recently hinted at a probable collaborative project with Drake. Their fans are excited to listen to their collaboration. 

Chris Brown enlightens a collab with Drake

On Instagram live chat, Brown disclosed a possible plan with his collaborator Drake during a one-hour conversation with Fat Joe. 

The host asked him if a Drake-Chris Brown album would ever come. Brown responded with ‘yeah.’ Fat Joe obstructed and expected that the singer explained; his “yeah” was proof. Brown laughed at his excitement because he stated a similar question many times. But the only statement uttered by Brown, “We got some songs; we got some songs.” The actor neither verified nor denied his collaboration with Drake.

Brown said that both got some songs. He added that something crazy is going to happen on which both artists are working.

Even Chris Brown reported that he definitely has an upcoming collaboration with Drake, but he did not reveal when the songs were recorded, and are they both doing a full-fledged album? 

Still, this Instagram live chat brought excitement to their fans. Now Check out Brown’s entire interview, shared by Fat Joe on 6th November on his Instagram.

Let us know how you are excited about this collaboration album.

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