New Shows on Hulu So Far in 2023

Hulu has been around for 15 years. However, it is still mostly known as a place to watch recent episodes of popular shows and occasionally complete series from the golden age of television. Nevertheless, if you know where to search, you may uncover a library of movies that rivals many of its competitors’ selections, including new releases and recent classics. We’ve assembled a list of our best programs on Hulu, including new masterpieces, old favorites, and everything in between, for those with a subscription. As the collection grows and new original programs are released that have the potential to be among the finest on television, we will also update the list.

10. Only Murders in the Building S3 (TBD 2023)

Director:Steve Martin
Genre:Comedy-drama, Mystery thriller
Cast:Steve Martin, Martin Short

The second season of the hit mystery comedy “Only Murders in the Building” appears to have increased the show’s viewership, making it one of Hulu’s most-watched shows ever. According to Nielsen, the series had over a billion more minutes streamed during S2’s run than S1’s, implying that many people caught up with the series in time for or during the release of S2.

9. Tiny Beautiful Things (TBD 2023)

Director:Rachel Goldenberg
Cast:Johnny Berchtold, Julien Marlon Samani

Tiny Beautiful Things is an adaptation of an award-winning essay collection starring “WandaVision” star Kathryn Hahn and executive produced by Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. “Little Fires Everywhere” writer Liz Tigelaar serves as showrunner in the series.

8. Under the Banner of Heaven (2022)

Director:Dustin Lance Black 
Cast:Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington

Under the Banner of Heaven takes a lot for a true-crime series to stand out in the present day. Still, FX’s newest (debuting exclusively on Hulu) delves into the complexities of religion and humanity in a way that makes it a must-watch. Mormon detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield), who has had his faith tested on the job, continues Garfield’s recent dominance on screen.

7. Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne 

Director:Jessica Chermayeff
Cast:Cara Delevingne, River Gallo

It’s no surprise that model and actress Cara Delevingne would bring her authentically honest viewpoint to the investigation of human sexuality in Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne since she has a history of being unfiltered, blunt, and rather open in general. Delevingne explores controversial topics, discusses her life, and devotes herself to finding the truth.

6. Extraordinary (2023-present)

Director:Emma Moran
Cast:Mairead Tyers, Sofia Oxenham

Extraordinary is a comedy series that surprised me with its charm. It follows the life of Jen (Máiréad Tyers), a cynical young lady whose future seems dismal because she is one of the few individuals on Earth who hasn’t yet obtained superpowers. Creator Emma Moran has put a lot of thought into creating a compelling mythology for this fantastical super planet and a realistic setting for her protagonists to investigate.

5. The 1619 Project (2023)

Director:Nikole Hannah-Jones
Cast:Nikole Hannah-Jones

Featuring the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, The 1619 Project is an impactful docuseries spanning six episodes. The series doesn’t pull any punches as it explores hot-button issues, including slavery’s repercussions on democracy, capitalism, and justice. The 1619 Project is an innovative examination of American history accessible to people from all walks of life. In addition, the 1619 Project discovers a profoundly touching approach to drawing nuanced and purposeful connections through personal experiences, historical events, and contemporary happenings.

4. Superstore (2015-2021)

Director:Justin Spitzer
Cast:America Ferrera, Ben Feldman

The half-hour NBC comedy series Superstore is a workplace comedy set at a made-up St. Louis Big Box shop and ran for six seasons. America Ferrera portrays a seasoned employee who struggles to provide for her family. At the same time, Ben Feldman plays a recent college grad whose naive optimism is tested by the realities of working retail.

3. Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

Director:Daniel Levy and Eugene Levy
Cast:Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Daniel Levy

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian series. It won an Emmy and depicts the lives of an affluent family that loses everything and is forced to relocate to a small, rural town where they take over a dilapidated motel. This one stands out because of its focus on humanity, as the characters gradually come to terms with their new life and even grow to love their new town and its residents, despite their many peculiarities.

2. Koala Man (2022-present)

Director:Michael Cusack
Cast:Michael Cusack, Sarah Snook

Koala Man, an adult animated comedy created by and starring Michael Cusack, follows the adventures of Kevin, a middle-aged family guy who is a clumsy want-to-be hero known as Koala Man. When true evil is released in Australia, Koala Man is finally called upon, despite his lackluster efforts to safeguard his town from petty criminals in the past.

1. The Bisexual (2018)

Director:Desiree Akhavan
Genre:Comedy Drama
Cast:Desiree Akhavan, Maxine Peake

Desiree Akhavan’s The Bisexual, which she co-created and stars in, is a smart and realistic dramedy that delves into the fluidity of sexuality and the universal difficulties in all kinds of relationships. Season one of The Bisexual follows Leila (Akhavan) as she deals with the aftermath of a breakup and the beginnings of a new relationship while also allowing her to examine her own views on the world and the people in it.

The top ten Hulu shows of 2023 are shown above. In addition, you can find every movie and TV show available on Hulu below.

  • The Sister (2020)
  • This Fool (2022-present)
  • Mike (2022)
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)
  • McCartney 3, 2, 1 (2021)
  • The Prestige (2006)
  • Hell or High Water (2016)
  • Training Day (2001)
  • Heat (1995)
  • A League of Their Own (1992)
  • Zombieland (2009)
  • Blade Runner (1982)
  • Blackfish (2013)
  • Take Shelter (2011)
  • Pig (2021)
  • Dynasty (2022)
  • Alaska Daily (2022-present)
  • Reservation Dogs (2021-present)
  • Pose (2018-2021)
  • Welcome to Chippendales (2022-present)
  • Fleishman is in Trouble (2022)
  • Dollface (2019-2022)
  • God Forbid: The Sex Scandal 
  • Parasite
  • Akira
  • Nomadland
  • Predator
  • Together Together
  • I’m Your Man
  • Titane
  • The Assistant
  • Plan B
  • Prey
  • In & Of Itself
  • Italian Studies
  • Memories of Murder
  • Pig
  • Ingrid Goes West
  • Hell or High Water
  • Aliens
  • Die Hard
  • Love & Mercy
  • Possessor
  • Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
  • Dual
  • Collective
  • Meek’s Cutoff
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Heat
  • Alien
  • Minding the Gap
  • The Beach Bum
  • Happiest Season
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  • Amazing Grace
  • I, Tonya
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  • The Worst Person in the World
  • Mandibles
  • Another Round
  • The Rider
  • Summer of Soul 
  • Crimes of the Future
  • The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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