Riverdale Season 7: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Updates! Is Riverdale Ending After Season 7?

The world-renowned Archie Comics inspires the Netflix series. Still, fans have been on several roller coaster rides throughout the seasons as creators have deviated from the stories in the comics to include countless intriguing twists and mysteries that leave you always wanting more. 

Not much was disclosed regarding the season’s plot; the writers signaled one thing. The season is about the female lead characters of the show taking center stage with their queen attitudes. So brace yourselves for many girl power-packed scenes and plotlines as we wait for one of the most favorite Netflix shows to grace our screens again. 

Riverdale may have been renamed Rivervale in its new season 6 premiere, but fans aren’t saying goodbye to the series. Series are still getting twisted up, and we’ll be watching to see what happens next. Will everyone remain in Riverdale for another year, or will some of our favorite characters leave the show?

Everything we know about Riverdale season 7 is mentioned below.

Riverdale Season 7 Release Date: When will we expect it on Netflix?

The CW has announced another batch of renewals, with Riverdale at the number one spot. According to the streaming channel, the series will return for season 7, but it will surely be the final season.

This isn’t entirely unexpected, as KJ Apa disclosed during season 4 that the series main four leads have signed on for “the next three years,” implying that their contract terms will wrap up with season 7.

When season 6 was cut short to just 16 episodes, fans were left with no answers to when the cliffhangers would be resolved. 

The Archie Comic Series “Riverdale” will be canceled by The CW after seven seasons. Season six of the show is currently in progress, with new episodes set to air on Sundays.

Along with other The CW series The Flash, Kung Fu, Superman & Lois, and Nancy Drew, the renewal of Riverdale for a seventh season were confirmed in March 2022.

In terms of availability on Netflix, Season 7 will debut in US eight days after The CW broadcasts the series finale.

Season 7 will have to wait a little longer because Riverdale season 6 is still on the air. The last season is currently scheduled to premiere in early 2023, but no specific date has been confirmed.

Riverdale Season 7 Plot Predictions And Spoilers: What will happen?

As the fifth season concluded on a high note of witches and witch hunters, the sixth season took a tremendous leap into the supernatural with the crossover event with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina being the talk of the town. Archie’s heart was ripped out, the town of Riverdale joined a cult, and the devil paid them a visit in the sixth season, which began with a magical twist.

Because the season is still in process, we can only speculate on how it will conclude, wondering what the future holds. “Every year, we start with extremely divergent tales and try to thread them all together, and this year is no exception,” said Aguirre-Sacasa. But one thing is certain: unless they completely eradicate Riverdale’s supernatural element by the conclusion of the sixth season, there will still be a supernatural element.

Riverdale Season 7 Cast: Who will be in?

While the show’s creators or the streaming service have not announced the official cast for Riverdale season 7, we know about a couple of characters who will not be returning to the show. These include Skeet Ulrich, who has played FP Jones or Jughead’s father in the show for the past four years. Along with Skeet, Marisol Nichols will also not be returning to the show for the seventh season. Nichols played Hermione Lodge or Veronica’s mother.

Riverdale Season 5 Cast

Riverdale Season 7 Trailer: When can we see it?

There is no trailer for Riverdale Season 7 because there is no official confirmation. Meanwhile, here’s the trailer for Riverdale Season 6 if you missed it.

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