The Bequeathed Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoiler, Trailer, And Other Important Updates

With Korean dramas steadily gaining popularity in the entertainment industry, they have become a prominent part of the Netflix library, offering viewers various genres. As the demand for Korean dramas continues to soar, Netflix remains a go-to platform for fans seeking captivating storytelling in K-dramas. In the upcoming zombie horror K-drama, “The Bequeathed,” renowned director Yeon Sang Ho, known for his work on “Train to Busan,” ventures into his third Original series for Netflix.

Initially titled “Family Gravesite,” the series has transformed, now known as “The Bequeathed.” As anticipation builds, viewers can expect Yeon Sang Ho’s signature storytelling and intense horror elements to deliver an unforgettable and thrilling experience in this highly anticipated K-drama. Here is everything we know about the upcoming series.

The Bequeathed Season 1 Release Date: When Can we Expect It?

Unfortunately, the specific date of when we should expect the show’s first season is yet to be released, and we do not know just how soon the series will be available on screens. The completion of filming for The Bequeathed, which took place from early November 2022 to late March 2023, has raised hopes for its release in 2023. However, considering the release of various other K-dramas throughout 2023, it is probable that The Bequeathed will make its debut in 2024.

The Bequeathed Season 1 Plot: What Can it be About?

The plot of The Bequeathed revolves around a mysterious and unsettling phenomenon that befalls a small village. The villagers start undergoing a disturbing transformation, exhibiting completely unknown and perplexing symptoms. As the situation escalates, the community grapples with the terrifying reality of their fellow villagers turning into zombies.

The series delves into the suspenseful and gripping narrative, exploring the origins of this bizarre affliction and the desperate struggle of the villagers to survive and unravel the mystery behind these unexplained events.

The Bequeathed Season 1 Cast: Who Will Appear in the Show?

The upcoming series has some fan favorite characters, and we can already tell that the series’ acting will be splendid. Kim Hyun Joo, known for her role in Hellbound, has been announced as part of the cast for The Bequeathed, although her specific character name has not yet been disclosed.

Fans of K-dramas and Kim Hyun Joo can anticipate her return to Netflix in 2023 with the release of Jung_E .Park. Joining the series is Park Hee Soon, who will be playing an unnamed lead role, marking his third collaboration with Netflix following A Model Family and My Name. While only two cast members have been confirmed, further updates and announcements are expected soon.

The Bequeathed Season 1 Trailer: When Will We See It?

Unfortunately, a trailer of the Bequeathed is yet to be released, and we are not sure how soon the series trailer will be released. The series production however wrapped up a while back, and if the series is coming to screen this summer, expect the trailer to be released soon. Upon the trailer’s release, it will be available on both Netflix and YouTube to provide a sneak peek to anybody wishing to binge on the series.

In the meantime, before the series is out, Netflix has several Korean shows that you want to check out. Some of the series that will interest you include Attorney Woo, Alchemy of Souls, The Glory, and Mr. Queen among others.

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