Heartbreak High Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Get Every Detail About It!

With the reboot of Heartbreak High in production, it won’t be long enough till we get to see another fun-filled drama of Hartley High, a place where drama is made, and friendships are broken. The drama show first premiered in the 90s, and it got so popular as it evoked strong and serious discussions like how it was growing up in the premillennial times.

The show delved into topics considered taboos, such as sexuality, race and it created a platform for more transparent communication. Now that these topics are so open in the millennial world, a reboot of the series seems like the perfect idea, considering how teens relate to almost every topic considered as taboos in the past. With all the hype and pomp, will the series have the same effect the original one did?

Heartbreak High Season 1 Release Date:

The series was first ordered in 2022 with an intention that it would be easy for binging come 2022, and so far, the dream seems valid. The show is expected to run for eight episodes, and because it is a reboot, there is a vast material that can be used for a possible second season. As we patiently wait for season one to be released, you can check the original shows on any video-on-demand platform.

Heartbreak High Season 1 Plot:

The series Heartbreak High is a reboot of the original; hence, it is only right to follow the plot closely or loosely. The original story was based on the play “The Heartbreak Kid, and it told the story of a teacher in a school who fell in love with a student. Nicky, the teacher, explored the Greek culture restraints and racial tensions in Australia.

In the show released in 1994, the plot revolves around teenagers attending the same school in Disney. Their teenage experience was brought out in a manner that is so raw and relatable. Amerie becomes a pariah; a rift between her and Harper leads to new friendships. She also tries hard to reclaim her disoriented glory while still balancing love, sex and nursing a heartbreak.

Heartbreak High Season 1 Cast:

The series protagonist is Ayesha Madon as Amerie, a girl who becomes a pariah at the new school and has to navigate many things, including nursing a broken heart. James Majoos plays Darren, the LGBTQ south African student who has an autistic best friend, Quinn (Cloe Hayden). Asher Yashbincek as Harper, Thomas Weatherall as Malakai, Bunjalung basketball player, Will MacDonald as Cash, Joh Heuston as Dusty, and Gemma Chua as Sasha. Other casts include Brynn Chapman, Sherry Lee, Brodie Townsend, Chuka Ikogwe, and Rachel House, the woke principal.

Heartbreak High Season 1 Trailer:

Netflix released a trailer of the 90s Heartbreak High in 2020, which doesn’t help much to predict what will happen in the upcoming series. The trailer shows typical high school students and a boy in love with a girl who sacrifices looking like a clown to make her happy.

The upcoming series trailer is yet to be released, but it won’t be a while before it premieres on Netflix. Many teen shows playing on Netflix will give you the entertainment you need as you wait for the series to debut.

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