Chosen Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Information For You To Know!

Netflix seems to have an alchemical bond with teen shows, transforming a narrative into series and movies worth viewing. Sci-fi teen dramas have always been a mirror on real-life issues; are the teens happy with themselves, creative enough to find solutions, and to what extent are they willing to go all-in? Chosen is a sci-fi series and a teen drama show that features Emma, a rebellious teen focused on finding answers. Despite her town being popular and a major tourist attraction, Emma feels all this is a fallacy, a facade that she has to find answers to.

Chosen Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

It is not certain whether the series will get a second season or stop at the first one, leaving us to answer all the cliffhangers and maybe come up with an ending. The first season premiered on the 27th of January, and so far, it is not an encouraging sight. A 4.3/10 on IMDB is below average, so the series may not meet the requirements needed to be renewed.

However, the series is still a new one, and if fans keep on engaging with it, the rating may shoot up, and maybe, just maybe, a second season may be ordered with six episodes to binge on. Season two may also order less or make the run time longer for the same number. A debut in 2024 seems more likely if the series gets a renewal.

Chosen Season 2 Cast: Who will make a comeback?

If the science fiction gets renewed for a second season, you should expect most cast members to come back to reprise their roles. Malaika Mosendane, who casts as the series protagonist Emma, will be back to complete what she started, learning the creepy truth about the darkness in Danish Town.We also expect to see Andreia Heick Gadeberg, Andreas Dittmer, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, Mohamed Djeziri, Christian Potalivo and Jannik Tai Mosholt. The series also features new characters in the upcoming season.

Chosen Season 2 Plot: What will happen?

Life changes for Emma when she realizes that there is more than meets the eyes in the town she has lived in her entire life. For quite a while, the town was not as popular, not a name to mention amid people and get a gasp or sudden interest in the topic; however, it changed when a meteor hit the town 17 years ago. From a titular town, it grew into a popular household name in the country. The rock may have made the residents proud to be born in Middelbo, but Emma has always felt indifferent, not fazed by the fact that her town might be a potential goldmine. Emma is more appalled when she realizes that all the air of importance the residents have developed over time is all a lie and that it was not a meteor but something way different, way terrifying.

Chosen Season 2 Trailer: When can we see it?

The first season was released on Netflix on January 27, 2022, and they have renewed the show to season 2. It’s too soon to have a trailer for the second season. If you have not watched the series, you can stream it on Netflix, which offers series and movies of the same genre.

Chosen Season 1 Recap: What is the List of Episodes in Season 1?

The Show Trial’s first season consists of six episodes, each running for approximately one hour. Here is a comprehensive list of the episodes, including their titles and summaries:

  1. Episode 1: A nation is divided as an intense court case unfolds. Talitha Campbell, a wealthy young woman, finds herself accused of the murder of her fellow student, Hannah Ellis. Cleo Roberts, a junior barrister, is appointed to defend her against these grave allegations.
  2. Episode 2: Cleo skillfully utilizes new evidence to challenge the case presented by Cassidy, the prosecutor. However, the prosecution unexpectedly introduces a surprise witness who could potentially alter the entire outcome.
  3. Episode 3: With the murder trial looming, a scandalous press campaign emerges, portraying Talitha as a remorseless killer. Determined to uncover the perpetrator behind the smear campaign, Cleo embarks on a quest for the truth.
  4. Episode 4: The highly anticipated trial commences, pitting Cleo against Cassidy in a gripping courtroom clash. As Talitha takes the stand, she reveals a shocking secret from her past that leaves everyone stunned.
  5. Episode 5: Cleo’s last chance to exonerate Talitha arrives as she cross-examines James, Hannah’s boyfriend, who possesses a plausible motive for murder. With the stage set, the jury must now decide: Did Talitha commit the crime?
  6. Episode 6: The nation reacts fervently to the trial’s verdict, as Cleo and Talitha must face the consequences of their actions. The aftermath of the trial leaves a profound impact on their lives, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Chosen Season 1 Review:

Chosen Season 1 is a fast-paced and intriguing sci-fi series that explores the themes of identity, destiny, and morality. The show has a strong lead performance by Clara Rosager as Emma, who portrays her character’s confusion, curiosity, and courage. The show also has some impressive visual effects and action scenes that showcase Emma’s powers. However, the show also suffers from some clichés and inconsistencies in its plot and characters.

The show relies too much on the meteorite as a convenient explanation for everything, and some of the Chosen Ones and Guardians are underdeveloped and stereotypical. The show also has a disappointing ending that leaves many questions unanswered and sets up a potential second season. Overall, Chosen Season 1 is an entertaining and engaging series that has potential, but also room for improvement.

Chosen Season 1 Rating:

Chosen Season 1 has garnered mostly favorable feedback from the audience, although there is a lack of critical reviews. Rotten Tomatoes reports a remarkable 99% audience score based on more than 5,000 ratings, with no critic rating available.

The show can be streamed on Netflix, where it holds a TV-14 maturity rating. Additionally, OpenSubtitles rates the show with an impressive 97% for its cinematic qualities. It is worth noting, however, that the show contains certain elements, such as violence, profanity, and sexual references, which may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

To account for regional differences, IMDb assigns a TV-PG parental guide rating in the United States and an 18 rating in Germany.

Where Can I Watch Chosen Season 1?

You have multiple options for watching Chosen Season 1, depending on your location and preference. Some platforms where you can stream it include Angel Studios website and app, Netflix, and Peacock. Angel Studios offers free streaming, requiring only your email to start watching. Netflix and Peacock require subscriptions to access the show, but they are available in select countries.

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