Ellen Rucker: Vincent Carter, Age, Entrepreneur, Net Worth!

Entrepreneur and chiropractor Ellen Rucker is a well-known figure in the business community. As a side note, Ellen Rucker came to fame in 2005 after they married NBA player Vincent Carter. Since then, the 44-year-old has persisted in the public eye, even though she and Vincent broke up. So, many people may ask what Rucker is doing now that she has divorced her husband. How prolonged has she been married to her spouse at the moment? What is her profession? Here is the response to all your questions. Therefore, let’s look at Ellen Rucker’s career and personal finances, shall we?

Ellen Rucker Early Phase:

Full Real Name Ellen Rucker
Family Name Rucker
Profession Entrepreneur and chiropractor
Age 24
Year Of Birth 1977
Nick Name Ellen
Current Residence N/A
Country USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American

Ellen was born in the United States in 1997 in the town of Lancaster in the state of South Carolina. Moreover, in the wake of her mother’s death, Ellen was inspired to pursue a medical career. In addition, the 44-year-old was one of eight children raised by their parents. In addition, we also know very little about Ellen’s upbringing.

Ellen Rucker Education:

Highest Qualification Degree
University University of North Carolina
College N/A
High School N/A

Ellen earned a degree in medical studies from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. In addition, she was a component of the collegiate team‘s cheerleading squad.

Ellen Rucker Family:

Father Douglas Rucker
Mother Ruby Rucker 
Brothers Lone Rucker
Sisters Lone Margaret, and Ruby Rucker
Grandfather N/A
Grandmother N/A
Relatives Name N/A

At the age of 37, Ellen Rucker graduated from Lancaster High School. Doug and Ruby Rucker are her biological parents. Douglas is a doctor, while Ruby is an ordinary housewife.

Lone Rucker, Lone Margaret, and Ruby Rucker are her only siblings that have achieved some notoriety in their own right. The rest of her family is mysterious at best.

Ellen Rucker Zodiac Sign:

Sun Sign Leo
Star Sign Leo
Birth Sign Duality N/A
Birth Sign Modality N/A

As of 2022, Ellen Rucker, born in 1997 in Lancaster, South Carolina, is 44 years old. Leo is Ellen Rucker’s zodiac sign, according to our study.

Ellen Rucker Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg N/A
Weight In Lbs N/A
Height In Feet N/A
Height In Meter N/A
Measurement N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size N/A

No one knows her exact weight, height, or anything else about her physique. Her many online images may confirm the 44-year-old beauty’s hourglass proportions. Moreover, Ellen also regularly goes to the gym to keep her toned physique.

In addition, she has a striking mix of brown eyes and black hair that makes her even sexier. Rucker was born in South Carolina in the United States of America. It’s for this reason that the jet-black beauty has an American passport.

Ellen Rucker Relationship Status:

Spouse Name Vince, Bakari Sellers
Sons Kai Michelle Carter
Daughters Stokely and Sadie Sellers
No Of Children 2
Marital Status married
Partner Name N/A
Relationship Status N/A

Rucker is presently married to Bakari Sellers, and they have a daughter together. And they’ve been together since their wedding, which took place in 2015. Furthermore, the birth of Stokely and Sadie Sellers, the couple’s twins, strengthened their union.

On 8 January 2019, twins were born. As it turned out, Sadie had a severe medical condition that needed to be addressed immediately. As a consequence, the youngster was forced to have a liver transplant. In an event, Sadie has made a complete recovery and is now living with her family in the comfort of their home. Furthermore, Ellen’s social media postings indicate that the family of four is in a happy and thriving relationship.

Ellen and Vincent married in 2005 after a long courtship. The following year, the couple gave birth to their first child, Kai Michelle Carter. However, for reasons that endure a mystery, the couple called it quit in 2006. Since then, her mother and stepfather have raised Kai as if she were their own.

More about Bakari Sellers, Husband of Ellen Rucker

Her spouse, Bakari Sellers, is a lawyer and a politician, and he is married to her. Aside from that, the lower house of South Carolina’s legislature was represented by Rucker’s husband, who was a state legislator for the 90th district. In addition, he ran for the position of Lieutenant Governor as well.

In conclusion, Ellen Rucker is well on her way to becoming a well-known businesswoman and chiropractor.

Ellen Rucker Career:

A well-known Chiropractor, Ellen Rucker, is also an entrepreneur. In the past, she was a chiropractic medicine specialist at the age of 44. For the first time in 11 years, Rucker decided she wanted to start her own hair care product company. With the help of her two sisters, Ruby and Ione, the 44-year-old beauty launched a range of hair care products under the name “Rucker Roots.” Since then, the product has grown steadily and has become one of the best natural goods. When it comes to women in business, Ellen is now one of the most talked about. She also participated in a TV show called “Love Thy Sister” in 2015 as a South Carolina native.

Ellen Rucker Sorority:

Ellen Rucker is a well-known chiropractor, businesswoman, and reality television star, as we’ve all seen her do. As a result, she has to befit a household name. The same can be said about her haircare line, Rucker Roots, with a dedicated following.

Rucker created a DIY hair treatment for her family and close friends that she claimed to be chemical-free and manufactured from natural ingredients. Love Thy Sister was another serial that featured Rucker and her two beautiful sisters.

Ellen Rucker Social Media Appearances:


A well-known Entrepreneur and Chiropractor, Ellen Rucker, has many admirers. This is not the only reason she’s so popular on Instagram; she has more than 250,000 followers.

Ellen Rucker’s Net Worth:

Net Worth $800k
Assets N/A
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income Entrepreneur and chiropractor

Net worth is the total of Ellen Rucker’s assets and liabilities. More than just a house and a car for Ellen’s use. Stocks and bonds and Ellen Rucker are components of Ellen’s financial portfolio that increase her net worth. In addition, you may have suddenly been aware that Ellen Rucker’s net worth has piqued our interest. According to the Forbes Rich List, Ellen will have around $800,000 as of 2022. In addition, the 44-year-old is a multimillionaire thanks to her hair treatment line, “Rucker Roots.”

In addition, she is a chiropractor in Lancaster, where she grew up. On the other hand, Rucker has previously married NBA great Vincent Carter, who is said to have a fortune of $100 million. Moreover, Bakari Sellers, the man she is now married to, is worth $5 million. In addition, Bakari is a lawyer and a member of the House of Representatives. As a result, his enormous wealth shouldn’t come as a shock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Ellen Rucker appear on Television?

In 2015, Ellen Rucker’s reality program Love Thy Sister seemed to gain popularity in the United States. They’re bringing back the program, which aired on WE TV and is all about natural hair care.

What is Ellen Rucker’s annual salary?

The earnings of Ellen Rucker’s only career as a chiropractor, which includes both business ventures and consulting work, are unknown. Sadly, no specifics have been provided on her earnings yet.

What is the address of Ellen Rucker?

Ellen Rucker now resides in Union County, New Jersey. Her previous residence was in Lancaster, South Carolina, before this.

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