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E-40 was born on 15 November 1967 and is also known as Earl Stevens. He’s an artist, songwriter, and actor in American Hip Hop. The originator and member of the rap club, “The Click,” is also Mr. Earl Stevens. 

He then signed them on his label “Sick Wid It Records.” After starting this group. E-40 was born to a divorced mother and dad in Vallejo, California. His father had already participated in the music industry, which sparked his interest from Earl. His mother raised him when his parents divorced, while his father visited him at times. His mother was a hardworking woman and was forced to work for her family in three jobs. 

E-40 is not only known for its talent but also for its music:

E-40 is not only known for its musical talent but also as an actor. His movies, like Obstacles, Don’t Get Caught, and much more, have shown him. Today, E-40 and its marks in entertainment are still firm, and E-40 is a very rich person in this respect. E-40 has a net value of $10 million from 2022 onwards for American rapper, Songwriter, and Actor.

How Did E-40 Get So Rich?

Net Worth $10 million
Source Of Income Rapper

E-40 became rich when he created a lane from California for aspiring hip-hop artists. He released an Oakland rapper called Keak Da Sneak, titled “Tell Me When To Go.” That song created a wild buzz and was heard throughout the United States after everyone knew it was E-40. He began working with more popular artists from the industry, including Gucci Mane, T-pain, and more, as his career progressed. That made E-40 famous throughout the United States, and his career started to rise to its highest potential. 

In the beginning, he was an underground artist and was presented with his 1995 solo album In a Major Way. E-40 started working with more mainstream rappers outside the Bay Area in 1998. (San Francisco, California area). With his only “Tell Me When to Go”, produced by Lil Jon, in 2006, he increased his fame and honor. 

E-40 Early Life:

Full Real Name Earl Tywone Stevens Sr.
Profession Rapper
Date Of Birth November 15th, 1967
Age 54
Birthday November 15th
Year Of Birth 1967
Nick Name E-40
Country United States
Nationality American

E-40 is also an entrepreneur and an investor who can invest in other companies like Microsoft to expand his career as a musician.

In Pleasant Hill, Calif., E-40, together with former NFL player Chester McGlockton, which was then shut down, opened a Fatburger franchise. He is a Landy Cognac spokesperson and opened the now-defunct Ambassador’s Lounge, a San Jose city. It was proclaimed on 16 November 2007 that the E-40 (also known as Earl Stevens) had signed a franchise contract with Wingstop cafes, Inc., to open one in Benicia, Calif. E-40 announced at the end of 2007 a new power drink line called ’40 Water.’ E-40, alias Earl Stevens, has produced three wines, including a red blend called “Function,” a Moscato, and many alcohols in the wine industry.

E-40 Education:

University Grambling State University
High School Vallejo High School

E-40 Family:

Father Earl The Pearl Stevens
Brothers D-Shot
Sisters Suga-T

E-40 Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 115 KG
Weight In Lbs 235.5 lbs
Height In Feet 6 Feet 1 Inches
Height In Meter 1.85 m
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown

E-40 Zodiac Signs:

Sun Sign Scorpio
Star Sign Scorpio

E-40 Personal Life:

Spouse Name Tracy Stevens
Sons Droop-E
Daughters Emari
No Of Children 2
Marital Status married

Why Is E-40 So Famous?

In 1986, US rapper E-40 entered the music industry for the first time with its EP entitled “Let’s Side,” featuring his group “The Click.” Two of Earl Stevens’ friends have produced the project. Mr. Mike Mosley and Al Eaton supported the projects under the Sick Wid It Record Label. In 1992, E40 released its second Album called ‘Down and Dirty’ and published the solo album ‘Federal’ in 1993, produced under the “Sick Wid It Record” label by a man called Studio Ton. Mr. Stevens participated in a talent demonstration at Gambling State University in his early life, which gave him the idea of a bit more serious about his rap career.

His collaboration album ‘Supergroup’ with Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Too Short make him more popular among his fans.

His cousin and sister were informed of his plan to take up a rap career. Later they started creating “Captain Save A Hoe,” the mainstream radio hit project. Subsequently, the E-40 started working with other talented family members to support its career. Earl Stevens started to appear on radio stations in 2003 and sign record deals on other important labels. He also signed for the famous album of Hip-Hop artist Lil Jon, BME Recordings. 

What Makes E-40 So Successful?

E-40 succeeds due to its determination and its efforts to succeed in its career in music. He had a dad and a hardworking mother as a child. Even though the decision to be separate from the music industry affected his father, E-40’s father was barely around. For the majority of Earl’s life, his mother was a single parent. She has worked three jobs to ensure that she and her children have been fed. It pumped adrenaline into the E-40 body and wanted to succeed. He stepped into the crowd and became famous.

His story can be told by many, which also makes him more successful. By collaborating with new artists such as Quavo and NBA Youngboy, E-40 remained relevant.

Overview Of Rapper E-40 Per Year Earnings

  • Record Sales 2014 – Calculated earnings from his Album Sharp On All 4 Corners: Corner 1 (11,770 copies sold) – $15,000
  • Record Sales 2012 – Calculated earnings from the collaboration album History: Function Music with Too Short (9,100 copies sold) – $10,000
  • Record Sales 2012 – Calculated earnings from his Album The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 2 (13,000 copies sold) – $13,000
  • Record Sales 2012 – Calculated earnings from his Album History: Mob Music with Too Short (5,700 copies sold) – $6,000
  • Record Sales 2010 – Calculated earnings from his Album  Revenue Retrievin’: Day Shift (over 352,000 copies sold) – $360,000
  • Record Sales 2010 – Calculated earnings from his Album  Revenue Retrievin’: Night Shift (106,000 copies sold) – $106,000
  • Record Sales 2008 – Calculated earnings from his Album The Ball Street Journal (over 450,000 copies sold) – $450,000
  • Record Sales 2006 – Calculated earnings from his album My Ghetto Report Card (certified gold by RIAA) – $500,000
  • Record Sales 2003 – Calculated earnings from his Album Breakin’ News (50,000 copies sold on its first week of release) – $50,000
  • Record Sales 1998 – Calculated earnings from his Album The Element of Surprise (certified gold by RIAA) – $500,000
  • Record Sales 2014 – Calculated earnings from his Album Tha Hall of Game (certified gold by RIAA) – $500,000
  • Record Sales 2014 – Calculated earnings from his album In a Major Way (certified platinum by RIAA) – $1000,000

E-40 Social Appearance:



Overall, E-40 is a highly talented artist who shows his numerical billboards and his relationship with other artists in the hip hop industry. Earl Stevens was influenced by his dad and later became a music producer in the industry for his son. This helped bring wealth to his family. E-40 is still a factor in the industry today, and people are still listening to his music. E-40, therefore, made a great difference in Hip Hop history.

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