Jschlatt: YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Real Name, Age, Height, Net Worth !

Jschlatt is a famous American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He has created many videos on the Twitch games like Minecraft and Cities: Skylines. One of the main reasons for his popularity is his unique idea of revealing himself after anonymity. During his unrevealed identity, Jschlatt secured a place in fans’ hearts through his voice as he used a special mic which made his voice funny and interesting, unlike other streamers. 

Jschlatt is also a podcaster and social media star. Millions of people follow him on his Twitch account, social media profile, and Youtube channels. Jschlatt’s first Youtube video, “good boy eats food,” has around 1.1 million views. He has a total of seven Youtube channels. 

Further, Jschlatt is a content creator roster of a gaming organization named One True King in Austin. 

Jschlatt Early Life:

Full Real Name Johnathan Schlatt
Family Name Schlatt
Profession YouTuber and Twitch streamer
Date Of Birth September 10th, 1999
Age 22 years
Birthday September 10th
Year Of Birth 1999
Nick Name Jschlatt
Current Residence Austin, Texas
Country USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Jschlatt was born on 10th September 1999. His birthplace is Brooklyn, and recently on 13th February 2021, he moved to Austin, Texas. 

During his teenage age, he worked at a delicatessen. In middle and high school, Jschlatt was a part of an orchestra where he played cello.

He has a pet cat. 

Recently, the media showed that Jschlatt is fighting Parkinson’s disease

Jschlatt Family Background: 

Father N/A
Mother N/A

Jschlatt has always kept quiet about his family background and the details of his parents and siblings in the media. 

Jschlatt Education:

Highest Qualification High School Degree
University Harvard University
College N/A
High School Local High School

Jschlatt did his schooling at a local high school. In college, he studied computer science and cybersecurity as his majors. Later in September 2019, he dropped out of his Graduation to pursue a career in YouTube. 

Jschlatt once said that he was a student at Harvard for four years.  

Jschlatt Physical stats:

Weight In Kg Around 70 kg
Height In Feet 6′ 3″
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Hazel brown

Jschlatt stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall, and his weight is around 70 kg. He has beautiful hazel brown eyes, and his hair color is dark brown. He often keeps his mustache, and it suits him. Jschlatt has a fair complexion, and people say he has a similar appearance to Logan Mitchell.  

Jschlatt Birth Signs:

Sun Sign Virgo
Star Sign Virgo
Birth Sign Duality Passive
Birth Sign Modality Mutable

Jschlatt’s sun and star sign are Virgo, and his birth flower is Aster and Morning Glory. Further, his birth sign element is Earth, and the opposite sign is Pisces.

Jschlatt Net worth:

Net Worth $2 Million to $4 million
Annual Earnings N/A
Source Of Income Twitch streamer and Youtuber

Jschlatt is a streamer on Twitch and earns a good sum of money through it (ads, donations, sponsors) and advertisements on his YouTube channels. Along with these, his merchandise sells clothes and accessories, adding to his Networth. From the above facts, Jschlatt’s Networth is $2 Million to $4 million. 

Jschlatt Relationship Status: 

Marital Status single
Relationship Status N/A

Jschlatt is currently single and has never shared his personal life information in the media. Seems like he wants to be focused on his career-making. 

Jschlatt Career:

Jschlatt began his YouTuber career with his first video, ‘good boy eats food.’ Currently, the video has around 1.1 million views. He came to fame when his video, ‘Elon r u ok’ went viral, and this video has around 26 million views. He has many YouTube channels, along with his main channel. 

After his success on Youtube, Jschlatt started streaming on Twitch in March 2019. He played many games, but his most liked game is Minecraft gameplay. Initially, he did not show his face while streaming; instead, he used a comic effect on his voice. 

Jschlatt is also a famous SMP Live Server streamer and has made a video, ‘A Tribute To Minecraft.’ which is very popular. He is also a big fan of Cow Chop and Sugar Pine 7. 

Further, Jschlatt, along with Asmongold, Mizkif, Esfandtv, RichWCampbell, TipsOut, and Nmplol, has released merchandise that sells clothes and accessories through a website (https://otknetwork.com/). 

Jschlatt has also produced podcasts and has co-hosted popular podcasts like Apandah, Aztrosist, Mikascus etc. The gaming community admires him for his gaming skills.

Jschlatt Social Appearance:


Jschlatt has seven YouTube channels; his first YouTube channel is ‘jschlatt’ and was created on 6th July 2013. The second is called ‘Sleep Deprived,’ created on 8th June 2018. Further, the third and fourth are called ‘theweeklyslap’ and ‘jschlattLIVE,’ respectively and were created on 12th September 2018 and 13th April 2019, respectively. On 19th July 2019, he created his fifth YouTube channel, ‘ the jschlattVODS Archive.’ Later in 2021, on 19th January and 18th December, Jschlatt created his sixth and seventh channels as ‘Big guy’ and ‘jschlattVODS,’ respectively. 

His Twitter profile has around 2.9M Followers. Further, he has mentioned the links of the other Twitter profile (@gamersupps @otknetwork @rammie @starforgepcs) owned by him. 

On Instagram, he has 1.8M plus followers. His posts consist of his selfies and game screenshots. 

Jschlatt’s Twitch account has 1.8M plus followers. He has a collection of videos of his streaming games. 


Jschlatt is a talented young in his computer science and cybersecurity study interest. He has developed his channels, games, and podcasts well and has set a milestone for others. Our best wishes are with Jschlatt for his brighter future. 

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